Edition 13

Sue Ellson with Hair and Makeup Artist Jutta Schmitz at Channel Nine Melbourne Toss Box on 22 November 2022

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  1. Upcoming Presentation
  2. Presentation Recording
  3. Items Published
  4. New LinkedIn Features
  5. Latest Offer
  6. Monthly Musing

1. Upcoming Presentation

14 December 2022
LinkedIn for Migrants, Expatriates and Repatriates
1 session x 45 minutes 12:00pm – 12:45pm UTC +11

Between 12-16 December 2022
LinkedIn for Midlife Mavens
1 session x 30 minutes available for 24 hours (part of Breakthrough Career Plateaus International Virtual Summit)

More at https://sueellson.com/presentations-2022

2. Presentation Recording

LinkedIn for Sales People

More at https://sueellson.com/linkedin-insight-webinars-and-recordings

3. Items Published

Career Cushioning
The rise of ‘career cushioning’: Everything you need to know about the controversial new workplace trend gripping Australia
Boss Baby Problem
Scroll-Stopping Social Media Posts
Pain Alert Poem
How to Get More Followers On LinkedIn
Agony Poem
Job washing: how employers are tricking jobseekers into roles
Careers, Business, Social Media, Marketing and Networking

More at https://sueellson.com/publications

4. New LinkedIn Features

I am busy doing the final edit of my fifth book ‘LinkedIn for me and my career or business’ and I have found so many LinkedIn features recently.

a. Page Lead Generation Form – if you edit your LinkedIn Page (not Profile), you will see this option in the Leads section called “Lead gen form’ – well worth completing.

b. Creator Tools – if you have Creator Mode turned on in the Resources section of your main LinkedIn Profile, you can now see the options you have available including LinkedIn Live (Video event using a third party tool), Audio Event, Newsletters and Follow on LinkedIn. The Follow choice allows you to create a personalised one click LinkedIn Profile Follow button or link.

c. About this Profile – is available via the More button on a LinkedIn Profile and shows the year of joining and other information about a person on LinkedIn.

d. Demonstrate transferable skills – more quizzes are now available to have your transferable skills assessed. Access the list at https://www.linkedin.com/skills-demonstration/skills

e. Video introduction prompts – in the LinkedIn App on your mobile device, you can add a video behind your Profile Picture and when you do, LinkedIn offers you some suggestions on what you may like to share in your 30 seconds.

f. Content Reaction change – instead of ‘Share’ your content (Post or Article), you can now ‘Repost’ instead and either Share with your thoughts or just Repost instantly.

g. Page Commitments – on a LinkedIn Company or School Page, if you choose ‘Edit Page’ you will see a new option under About called ‘Commitments.’ This allows you to discuss how your organisation is committed to Career growth and learning; Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI); Environmental sustainability; Social impact; and Work-life balance. Early adopters may benefit from completing this section now.

h. Company or School Page Notification Bell – is now available and there are three options. See All new posts (fully grey), Top posts (grey outline – default) or No new posts (grey strikethrough).

i. Personal Profile Notification Bell – do you have some VIP connections on LinkedIn and would you like to see their content in your Newsfeed or your Notifications? Then click on the Notification Bell to see most of their Posts (fully grey). Click on my bell at https://www.linkedin.com/in/sueellson/

5. Latest Offer

There is a page on my website providing resources you are welcome to access for $0 https://sueellson.com/latest-offer.

Help you and me by subscribing to my YouTube channel (currently 120 subscribers and counting) https://www.youtube.com/c/Sueellson2

6. Monthly Musing

Rest. I recently read that we don’t need more resilience, we need more time to rest and relax so we can restore and recover. Seems like an impossible task as we race towards the end of the year, but I sincerely hope you can carve out a few moments each and every day for some good quality rest.

Enjoy today and cheers for now, Sue 

Sue Ellson 2022

Independent LinkedIn Specialist, Educator, Practitioner, Author

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