Sue Ellson Presentation at Macquarie University Sydney 2019

Sue Ellson Presentations in 2002

For education and action

Details here include

  • Most Common Topics
  • Presentations
  • Training
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Lectures
  • Guest Speaking
  • Facilitating
  • Forums
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I have prepared bespoke presentations for a range of audiences including schools, universities, vocational training providers, enterprises, professional associations, government, not-for-profits, clubs, the public and more.

You are invited to contact me directly if you would like me to provide a presentation for you.

Most Common Topics

I have prepared prepared presentations for a wide range of topics aligned with my consulting services, including but not limited to:

  • LinkedIn (for your career or enterprise)
  • careers (helping you choose and find the best options), employment, recruitment
  • business strategy
  • hyper local marketing and marketing strategy
  • social media strategy (including Google Business)
  • basic website design (WordPress)
  • search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • networking online and in person
  • newcomers, expatriates, repatriates, skilled migrants, settlement
  • or any other relevant topic

Sue Ellson Presentations in 2002

The following is a list of the public guest speaking and training presentations I have been booked for, made, facilitated or been interviewed for during 2002 (it does not include details of all of the private sessions run for individual clients or enterprises).

Some of these presentations have PowerPoint Slides, Word Documents and/or Audio and/or Video Files available or they may be supplied on request. I tailor every presentation for the individual audience and I update the course material before every session.

Voluntary* presentations are indicated with a star *. Courses run multiple times have a number after them for the number of times that the course has run.

Meet the Author Networking Lunch – Author of How to start a business on your kitchen table
Sue Ellson with Barbara Gabogrecan, Author at the De Bono Institute, Melbourne


Meet the Author Networking Lunch – Author of Career Change for Teachers: Stories and Strategies
Sue Ellson with Wendy Taylor, Author at the Collins Street, Dymocks Book Store, Melbourne


Meet the Author Networking Lunch – Author of Inspiring Adventures Overseas, Special Interest Travel
Sue Ellson with Kate Armstrong, Author at the Collins Street, Dymocks Book Store, Melbourne


Senate Enquiry into Small Business Issues
Melbourne Town Hall, Swanston Street, Melbourne
The issues facing small business in Australia Invited to join Barbara Gabogrecan from the Micro Business Network and present her views on the issues facing small business in Australia at the Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne


Breakout Workshop’s Findings Summarised
Victorian Government 3rd Annual Victorian Women’s Summit Holmesglen TAFE, Moorabbin, Victoria
Breakout Workshop’s Findings Summarised one of the breakout workshop’s findings at the Victorian Government’s annual event held at Holmesglen TAFE in Moorabbin, Melbourne


Making friends in Melbourne
Derek Guille’s afternoon program on ABC Radio 774AM ABC Radio Studio, Southbank, Victoria After a direct approach to the producer of Derek Guille’s afternoon program on ABC Radio 774AM, Sue discussed the best ways to make new friends when you move to a new location live to air during the program featuring an interview with a representative from the new television program about a UK book club