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I have either written or prepared content or been interviewed for a range of publications including books, printed newspapers and magazines, online portals and platforms, social media, websites and more.

You are invited to contact me directly if you would like me to prepare content for you.


Most Common Topics

I have prepared content for a wide range of topics aligned with my consulting services, including but not limited to:
  • LinkedIn (for your career or enterprise)
  • careers (helping you choose and find the best options), employment, recruitment
  • business strategy
  • hyper local marketing and marketing strategy
  • social media strategy (including Google Business)
  • basic website design (WordPress)
  • search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • networking online and in person
  • newcomers, expatriates, repatriates, skilled migrants, settlement
  • or any other relevant topic

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Publications with or by Sue Ellson

25 Dec 2013
Christmas Day Picnic Lunches across Australia
Details on request
Rod Tiley interviewed Sue Ellson
6PR 882AM, Perth Western Australia

25 Dec 2013
Christmas Day Picnic Lunches across Australia
Details on request
Kim Mothershaw interviewed Sue Ellson
Talkback 4BC 1116AM, Queensland Australia

25 Dec 2013
Christmas Day Picnic Lunches across Australia
Details on request
Enza Capobianco interviewed Sue Ellson
Italian Program SBS Radio 2 Melbourne 93.1FM 1224AM

24 Dec 2013
Christmas Day Picnic Lunches across Australia
Details on request
Tiger Webb interviewed Sue Ellson
2SER 107.3FM Ultimo New South Wales Australia


No need to be home alone on Christmas Day
Sue Ellson

Sue Ellson Blog
Funding Journalism, Writing and Content in Australia
Sue Ellson

Sue Ellson Blog
Top 10 Tips for your LinkedIn Profile
Sue Ellson

What’s cooking Boroondara?
Publisher City of Boroondara Library Service
Page 24 – Biscuits for coffee
Contributor Sue Ellson 

Open Forum Blog
Australian Culture in Multicultural Australia
Sue Ellson for Helen Hull at Open Forum

Sue Ellson Blog
20 good reasons why you need a good quality LinkedIn profile
Sue Ellson

Ruby Connection Blog
LinkedIn – Top Tips for Your Career or Business Profile
Sue Ellson for Ruby Connection

Sue Ellson Blog
Distractions lead to disaster – how can we stop distractions running our lives?
Sue Ellson

Sue Ellson Blog
Give me 20 good reasons why I need to have a good quality LinkedIn profile
Sue Ellson

Sue Ellson Blog
Couldn’t get an interview – now in a job – success story
Sue Ellson

Human Resources Director Magazine
Facebook job-seeker offers $500
By Cameron Edmond and comment by Sue Ellson

Sue Ellson Blog
LinkedIn Top Ten Tips for your Profile
Sue Ellson

Expat Blog Borderless Adventures Blog
The adventure of being an accompanying spouse
Michelle for Expat Life

Shop Local, Progress Leader Newspaper (part of the Herald Sun)
Camberwell local experts to share marketing insights
Progress Leader

First 5000 Blog
International Human Resources – the new politics of innovation and creativity
Sue Ellson

Wise Ways Blog
Sue Ellson from Newcomers Network on Wise Ways Radio
Jacquie Wise for Wise Ways