July 19, 2012


Sue Ellson Consulting Services

Sue EllsonApart from running the Newcomers Network and Camberwell Network social enterprises, Sue Ellson is currently

  • consulting – LinkedIn (for your purpose as an Independent LinkedIn Specialist), careers (helping you choose the best options and find the next role), business, hyper local marketing, social media, website design (WordPress)
  • presentingtraining, guest speaking, facilitating, podcasting
  • publishing – books, articles, blogs, copy, newsletters
  • voluntarily – answering LinkedIn and career related questions on Quora

Free services accessible to all – great taste testers

Self managed and very practical – ideal for proactive individuals

  • Digital Books – 120 Ways To Achieve Your Purpose With LinkedIn, 120 Ways To Attract The Right Career Or Business and 120 Ways To Market Your Business Hyper Locally AUD$9.99
  • Paperback Books – Postage free through Book Depository AUD$40 each
  • Online Courses – to come! AUD$199

Personalised and professional – save time and get results sooner!

  • Individual – AUD$200 per consulting hour (or six hours AUD$900 – $150 per hour) – minimum booking of two hours
  • Group – AUD$500 per presentation hour (includes preparation time and all resources provided)
  • **Special rate available for past course participants and direct referrals from past clients**
  • Hardship cases – please make a personal request

My goal is to independently advise and assist you on what is best for your needs.

I attend between one and four events every week here in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to keep myself up to date. I also listen to webinars and podcasts and read a great deal of relevant content.

As a regular trainer, I need to keep myself up to date so that I know more than my adult students. For my clients, I make sure that I understand their requirements and get moving towards productive results as quickly as possible by hand picking the best solutions.

If I do not believe that I can offer the best service for your needs, I will refer you to other people in my network who may be able to provide the service you need. I usually insist upon two hour sessions for individuals so that we can be very clear on priorities and get stuff done whilst we are together.

I also have a range of ongoing clients (mostly small business owners who consult on a regular basis and outsource some of their technical tasks to me). That said, I am not a geek by nature, I am more of an empathetic and proactive skills coach. I do things that work based on experience and results with other clients!

As an avid learner and do-it-yourselfer, I also know how long it takes to learn how to do something well.

My main specialities include LinkedIn, careers, business and marketing. Why waste time educating yourself on all the ins and outs when I can help you ‘cut to the chase’ and help you do what is right for you or your enterprise – on the spot – in person in Melbourne or remotely via Skype!

In group situations, I again make sure that whatever is delivered is relevant for your audience. I get straight into business – and whilst general chit chat is fun, I don’t include that in the bill. My rates also include all templates and relevant publications.

I look forward to working with you!! 🙂

Typical clients

Most of my clients are based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, but I also work with people across Australia and internationally on request (either remotely or in person).

  • senior executives and experienced professionals
  • newcomers, expatriates, repatriates and skilled migrants
  • small and medium sized business owners
  • local government, professional associations and not-for-profit enterprises
  • secondary schools, tertiary and adult education providers
  • local and international publications and websites
  • current and past clients details

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