10 Ways to Improve your LinkedIn Business Results

10 Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Business Results with Sue Ellson

10 Ways to Improve your LinkedIn Business Results

By Sue Ellson

Topic: 10 Ways to Improve your LinkedIn Business Results
Date: Wednesday 10 April 2024
Time: 12:00pm – 12:30pm AEST time (UTC+10)
Venue: Zoom
Recording: Will be sent to everyone who registers to attend and will also appear here

This event is designed to help you improve your LinkedIn Business Results and is the 31st event in the LinkedIn Insights Webinar Series.

Register to attend at https://linkedininsights31.eventbrite.com.au (can also order a book!)

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The LinkedIn Event Video Recording

The LinkedIn Event PowerPoint Slides

10 Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Business Results By Sue Ellson Independent LinkedIn Specialist

Here is a Summary of the PowerPoint Slides that you can copy/paste into a Word Document and print on paper as you go through each task.

  1. Clarify your Business Results Definition
  2. Update your LinkedIn Presence
  3. Review your Connection Strategy
  4. Review your Engagement Strategy
  5. Review your Content Strategy
  6. Review your Research Strategy
  7. Reach out to Warm Leads
  8. Review your Relationships Strategy
  9. Support your Industry and/or Profession
  10. Review your Employee Attraction & Retention Strategy

  1. Clarify your Business Results Definition
    Sales – products or services?
    Advocacy – policy or politics?
    Education – tertiary or professional development?
    Other – be specific
    Your purpose will determine what you do, how you do it and what you follow up on.
    Ideally, you will be clear about your target audience and what you want them to do and your website MUST be congruent.
    If a person lands on your website or LinkedIn presence, it needs to generate the result you are seeking.
    It is not what you know or who you know but who or what refers you and how you can be verified.
  2. Update your LinkedIn Presence
    Your Own Personal LinkedIn Profile
    LinkedIn Company, School or Showcase Page
    Website – link to LinkedIn on your Contact Page at least
    Google Business Profile – https://business.google.com
    Bing Places Profile – https://www.bingplaces.com
    Aim for at least six Recommendations both Given and Received on your Personal LinkedIn Profile – you can be strategic!
  3. Review your Connection Strategy
    – local, interstate, overseas
    – profession and industry
    – clients and customers
    – VIPs and stakeholders
    – employees, colleagues, peers
    – everyone you meet in person – meetings, events, social occasions
    – everyone you meet directly – email, chat, phone
    From now on, invite everyone you meet online or offline to connect with you on LinkedIn – do it at close as possible to the time of the first exchange

    e.g. Thank you for your email on the topic of x. I like to invite everyone I meet both personally and professionally to connect with me here on LinkedIn. I look forward to seeing you online! Cheers, Sue 🙂

    Don’t forget to click the Notification Bell on VIPs 🔔
  4. Review your Engagement Strategy
    – which people, Companies and Schools will you Follow and choose Notify 🔔 for all posts?
    – which Groups will you join?
    – which Content will you React to and Comment on to help the algorithm learn what is important to and aligned with you?
    – which Content will you not stop scrolling on, react to or comment on because it is unrelated to your business results?
    Remember that social media expects you to ‘listen’ as well as ‘speak’ so be the nice ‘friend’ that engages with published content related to your purpose.
    Don’t forget to support your current enterprise – known as ‘employee advocacy’
  5. Review your Content Strategy
    – Posts – Profile and Page – various formats image, video, PDF’s, Polls
    – Articles – Profile and Page – optimise for Search
    – Newsletter – Profile and/or Page – auto subscribe invites
    – Events – focus on free – invite 1,000 Connections per week
    – Polls – can be used as the basis for a Research Summary
    – Collaborative Articles – be a ‘top voice’ https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/topics/home
    Create a style guide for your content and include relevant hashtags and a call to action.
  6. Review your Research Strategy
    – start typing in the Search box and see all the extra filters that come up (limited search queries)
    – use a Google Advanced Search (for unlimited search queries across the entire LinkedIn platform) https://www.google.com.au/advanced_search
    – include specialist words in your search query to find specific profiles or pages
    – look for local by including location names or post / zip codes
    Remember that a lot of people, including academics, will not keep LinkedIn up to date – find decision makers and develop a relationship – not connect and pitch!
  7. Reach out to Warm Leads
    – people who have looked at your LinkedIn Profile
    – people who Follow your LinkedIn Page
    – people who React to your Content
    – people who Comment on your Content
    – people who Repost your Content
    – people who React or Comment on content in your Profession, or Industry, or shared by Collaborators, Stakeholders, VIPs etc
    – existing Clients and Customers – nurture them into advocates!
    Match up your Customer Relationship Management Database with your LinkedIn Connections and/or Followers.
  8. Review your Relationship Strategy
    – what will you do with each new Connection?
    – what will you do with each new Follower?
    – what messaging sequence will you go through?
    – what will your follow-up sequence be?
    – don’t message and forget but also don’t pester
    – find ways to be visible without being annoying
    – turn up in person and online on a consistent basis
    Remember that you can systemise your activity but you cannot automate – it is against the LinkedIn User Agreement https://www.linkedin.com/legal/user-agreement and follow the Professional Community Policies
  9. Support your Industry and/or Profession
    – find centres of influence and engage
    – purchase professional membership and showcase that on your LinkedIn Profile
    – contact Group Administrators and see if you can help out in some way
    – actively support others online (without looking like a try-hard)
    – consider being an active member on Committees and Boards (not just an idea sharer without action)
    – contribute as a speaker, podcast guest, media expert etc
    Always look for ways to work with people and support their efforts – a high tide raises all boats and there is enough for everyone!
  10. Review your Employee Attraction & Retention Strategy
    – complete the Workplace and Commitments section on your Page
    – ensure job advertisements include the salary amount
    – have a social media strategy specifically for LinkedIn which includes onboarding, during employment and offboarding
    – maintain relationships
    – showcase your enterprise principles associated with the environment, sustainability, climate change, social engagement etc.
    – good talent will always receive offers, so do your best to offer mutual benefit
    Be proud of your team and their achievements and encourage engagement and advocacy

The LinkedIn Event Page for Networking

The event on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/events/10waystoimproveyourlinkedinbusi7173451347114049536 shows you who registered to attend for 12 months so you can network away to your heart’s content!

Comments from the Chat in the Webinar

Love that “from now on”!
Yes thank you for this!
Thanks so much
This has been really good.
Thanks so much.
Thank you very much Sue. Definitely some homework to do!
Thanks Sue – this was great
Thanks Sue…so much to think about

Feedback Survey – What has been most helpful to you from this webinar?

The need to do the work consistently / get involved with people / reach out and follow up with a targetted approach. I had been thinking I need to automate some aspects but now I think doing the work each week is the way to go.
New ways to use LinkedIn. Reminders of things I have not yet put in my profile.
Pointing us to various areas to ensure full completion and linkages & the importance of keeping connected, and all areas up to date.

Feedback Survey – Any other comments?

Thank you Sue! Great work as always

Reviews after the Webinar

Excellent valuable and critical information. I highly recommend Sue’s Webinar. Google Review by David Osborne

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