Authenticity Poem

Authenticity Poem By Sue Ellson Autumn Leaves on Footpath Lake Road Blackburn Melbourne Victoria Australia

Authenticity Poem

By Sue Ellson

On the path to authenticity
I stumble and I fall
As I conquer the expectations
Of society’s rule for all


This bumpy path I tread
So ready to trip me up
It smirks and it laughs
As it tries to empty my cup


But I grip that cup with hope
Holding it open for salvation
I carry on and on
Trying to reach my destination


A place I can call home
Where I can truly be
A light that’s everlasting
Shining within me


I reach a beautiful still lake
I look upon the water
The light coming from within
Shines back to me even brighter


That’s where my authenticity lives
Inside my eternal soul
It knows no limitations
It chooses what it is told


It senses what is true
It sees the real intent
It hears the voice of reason
It dispels a sad lament


As I put the cup of hope down
I release all expectation
I resume my own life journey
Shining love on every action


I have always been committed to living a values-driven life. What I value guides my decisions and how I earn a living is based on the value I provide to others.

Just recently, I have felt side-tracked by the insights of other people and I have acted upon their values, not my own. Alternatively, I have tried to evaluate their suggestion or input and asked myself if it is more valid than mine.

It has left me questioning myself, my choices and my actions.

It came to a head yesterday and has made me ask, why am I acting on others’ values and not my own?

How often do we do this? Second guess ourselves.

At what point is asking others for their input advice-seeking, validation-seeking or truth-seeking?

Why do we perceive someone else’s perspective as more important than our own?

What does it take for us to be our authentic selves and either live or die by our own choices?

I am not suggesting we ignore the valuable input of those we trust. But, maybe the first person we should trust is ourselves. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

Photo is of leaves on the Lake Road footpath next to Blackburn Lake in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 22 May 2023.

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