Post Traumatic Growth Poem

Post Traumatic Growth Poem By Sue Ellson

Post Traumatic Growth Poem By Sue Ellson   As the trauma builds Beneath the surface I wonder how I can escape the furnace   The fire, the fury The hurt, the worry The fear, the mire I feel so sorry   Intensity rising Anxiety spiralling Depression sickening Stress increasing   But at some pointI make …

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Love Within Poem

Love Within Poem By Sue Ellson

Love Within Poem By Sue Ellson   TickTickTickThe time bomb ticks   TickTickTickIt gets louder   TickTickTickIt sounds closer   TickTickTickIt fades as I forgetJust for a moment, my years of regretMy trauma of torment   TickTickTickIt gets louder againTriggered by a wordUnknowingly said   TickTickTickThe sound of lifeThe sound of deathThe sound of timeCounted in …

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Entwined Poem

Entwined Poem By Sue Ellson Coolangatta Queensland

Entwined Poem By Sue Ellson I want to be entwined Your heart beating through mine #poemsforlovers #readtoeachother #poem #twolinepoem #sueellson Whilst thinking about the feeling of being in a lover’s arms, that moment when two bodies feel like one and the heart beats synchronise, it feels as if the other person’s heart is beating through …

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Bond Poem

Bond Poem By Sue Ellson

Bond Poem By Sue Ellson A gaze that connects A feeling that permeates A bond that lingers #poemsforlovers #readtoeachother #haikupoem #sueellson A Haiku Poem (three line poem with 5-7-5 syllable combination) that reflects how I feel about the love connection – something much stronger than a physical attraction or stimulation, but a bond that lingers. …

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