Beliefs Poem

Beliefs Poem By Sue Ellson

Beliefs Poem

By Sue Ellson


Every belief is limiting
A variation of a theme or two
Every thought is a reflection
A consideration of one’s own view


A limiting belief puts a stop
On a possibility of something new
To believe in the divine
Is a chance to be really true


For it is in our acceptance
And understanding of uncertainty
That we move beyond our limitations
And experience the power of eternity


Several weeks ago I enjoyed an excellent coaching session with Rob Chiarolli and he suggested I might have some limiting beliefs – who me? I couldn’t believe it! Then I was chatting with a friend and he suggested that every belief is limiting – and I agree, every belief has the potential to limit us – but it also has the potential, to empower us – what will you choose? With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

Photo is the view from lying on the ground in Bendigo, Victoria looking up at the sky in the gardens behind the Art Gallery on 1 January 2019

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