Moments Poem

Moments Poem By Sue Ellson

Moments Poem

By Sue Ellson


The moment of conception
The moment of birth
The moment of celebration
The moment of mirth


The moment of excitement
The moment of happiness
The moment of disappointment
The moment of sadness


And then the moment arrives
All too soon
When the moments before
Seem to have flown to the moon


For this life stage has passed
And a new one will begin
All that is left to do
Is to smile with a big grin


For I did not rush
Through the time of parenting
I chose to be present
Despite other offerings


So I live with gratefulness
Of time well spent
I have no need
To sit back and repent


For I made the choice
To support my children
And now I see two capable adults
Heading to their own destination


So as I wave farewell
And smile inside
It is bittersweet
This time and tide


Their journey begins
And mine changes again
Who knows what’s in store
Around the next bend


But face it I will
As I have before
Like many others
With a sense of awe


Today, 7 May 2019 is the day when my youngest child left home (at the age of 21). Every one of us has heard a parent say ‘that it all goes too fast’ and indeed it does, but sometimes only in hindsight. So if you are still on the parenting journey, please savour every moment as they do not last. I have lived according to my highest values, one of which is being around for my children (but not doing everything for them). Today is a significant milestone for our collective journeys. I am content, even if I am a little teary. But I am also excited about the future and what’s in store, for all of us. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

Photo is of Henley Jetty at Henley Beach, Adelaide, South Australia on 21 April 2019

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