Beyond Poem

Beyond Poem By Sue Ellson

Beyond Poem

By Sue Ellson


Beyond alive
Beyond survive


Towards living
Towards thriving


Ultimately playful
Ultimately joyful


As I listened to the National Apology for victims and survivors of sexual abuse associated with institutions in Australia, I would like to personally acknowledge all victims and survivors of sexual, physical and emotional abuse. There are so many people affected in our society by abuse, and not just abuse from people associated with institutions – from ‘trusted’ friends, family and community members.

And then there are the loved ones who also suffer the consequences every time this topic is raised in the public domain. For you today, remember that you too are loved and valued in your own right, regardless of what has happened to you or your loved ones in the past.

To move on, I know we must ultimately forgive at every level, and I know that it isn’t easy. But we can take comfort in the fact that this topic is now open for discussion and we can find ways to heal, as there are actually so many people who do understand how we feel.

For those of you who haven’t spoken or who can’t speak, even to those closest to you, when the time is right, I trust you too will be able to find a way forward.

In solidarity….with love, Sue Ellson 🙂

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