Billabong Retreat Poem

Billabong Retreat Poem By Sue Ellson 41 McClymonts Road, Maraylya, Sydney, NSW 2765

Billabong Retreat Poem

By Sue Ellson


By the billabong
With trees and plants
I hear the birds
Singing sweet chants


By the billabong
I retreat from life
To pause and ponder
All manner of strife


By the billabong
The air is clear
The water so still
It reminds me to hear


By the billabong
I see a new
The beauty of nature
And humanity too


By the billabong
The fire is lit
The earth beneath
Allows me to sit


By the billabong
My heart is healed
My body is treated
And my mind revealed


Lurking within
Life’s accumulated memories
Some good, some bad
And my collected worries


My hopes and fears
The billabong accepts
A life well lived
Moves past regrets


Heaven’s tears
Fill the billabong
Enough for me
And everyone


It is safe to feel
Pain and heartache
Be nourished and nurtured
And remember what’s great


For this moment is yours
To cherish and explore
To truly be you
And so much more


This week I have enjoyed three days and two nights at Billabong Retreat, 41 McClymonts Road, Maraylya, Sydney, NSW Australia 2765.

I attended yoga sessions, a meditation, a sound experience and two workshops on self care – self compassion and developing a daily practice.

This poem was written on the second day and summarises some of the benefits I noticed from attending my very first ‘retreat’ thanks to a recommendation from a business friend.

I am very grateful for the experience and will share some of the other poems I wrote at the retreat in the future. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

Photo is of the Billabong at the Billabong Retreat on 9 May 2024

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