10 Ways to Improve your LinkedIn Career Results

10 Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Career Results with Sue Ellson

10 Ways to Improve your LinkedIn Career Results

By Sue Ellson

Topic: 10 Ways to Improve your LinkedIn Career Results
Date: Wednesday 8 May 2024
Time: 12:00pm – 12:30pm AEST time (UTC+10)
Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fw0QX49dUqU
This event is designed to help you improve your LinkedIn Career Results and is the 32nd event in the LinkedIn Insights Webinar Series.

This event was also listed on the National Careers Week website. You can see the promotion here.

There are several items below including:

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  • feedback from the webinar
  • reviews after the webinar
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The LinkedIn Event Video Recording

10 Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Career Results By Sue Ellson

The LinkedIn Event PowerPoint Slides

10 Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Career Results By Sue Ellson Independent LinkedIn Specialist

Here is a Summary of the PowerPoint Slides that you can copy/paste into a Word Document and print on paper as you go through each task.

  1. Complete your LinkedIn Profile
  2. Develop your Connection Strategy
  3. Develop your Follow and All Posts Strategy
  4. Update your Skills List and Mentions
  5. Update your Education and Training
  6. Give and Receive Recommendations
  7. Create a Sample Application Document
  8. Develop a Networking and Referrals Strategy
  9. Update your Open to Work and Jobs Settings
  10. Update your Services Settings

  1. Complete your LinkedIn Profile
    – update your LinkedIn Profile URL
    – complete all possible sections

Up to 90% of jobs are not advertised – you need to have at least 100 views per 90 days and at least 50 appearances in search results in seven days to know that your LinkedIn Profile is working for you.

It is not what you know or who you know but who or what refers you and how you can be verified.

  1. Develop your Connection Strategy
  • employees, colleagues, peers
  • local, interstate, overseas
  • profession and industry – are you a member?
  • clients and customers
  • VIPs and stakeholders
  • everyone you meet in person – meetings, events, social occasions
  • everyone you meet directly – email, chat, phone

From now on, invite everyone you meet online or offline to connect with you on LinkedIn – do it at close as possible to the time of the first exchange

e.g. Thank you for your email on the topic of x. I like to invite everyone I meet both personally and professionally to connect with me here on LinkedIn. I look forward to seeing you online! Cheers, Sue 

Don’t forget to click the Notification Bell on VIPs 🔔

  1. Develop your Follow and All Posts Strategy
  • which people, Companies and Schools will you Follow and choose Notify 🔔 for all posts?
  • which Groups will you join?
  • which Content will you React to and Comment on to help the algorithm learn what is important to and aligned with you?
  • which Content will you not stop scrolling on, react to or comment on because it is unrelated to your Career Results?

Remember that social media expects you to ‘listen’ as well as ‘speak’ so be the nice ‘friend’ that engages with published content related to your purpose. LinkedIn Recruiter Users show ‘Follow’ applicants

Don’t forget to support your current enterprise – known as ‘employee advocacy’

  1. Update your Skills List and Mentions
    – can add up to 50 Skills on your LinkedIn Profile
    – remember to endorse other people’s skills
    – can add individual Skills to multiple sections including:
    • About (top five skills)
    • Experience (each role)
    • Licenses and Certifications
    • Education
    • Projects

We are moving away from Job Titles and Employer Names to a Skills Based Recruitment Process.

Employers value your contribution, how quickly you can hit the ground running and add value to the enterprise.

You need 60%+ competency and a cultural fit to consider a role https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/linkedin-women-sue-ellson

  1. Update your Education and Training
    – when did you last complete some Education or Training and include it in the Education or Courses section of your LinkedIn Profile?
    – LinkedIn Learning https://www.linkedin.com/learning – free for Premium Members and some Employees and in Australia, someone with a local library card. Completed courses will automatically add to the Licenses and Certifications section upon completion but may be more suited to ‘Courses’
    – consider various micro credentials for a quick win https://www.mooc.org and become an ‘Alumni’ if you list it in the Education section of your LinkedIn Profile

We must ALL be lifelong learners to remain relevant – and include both subjects and topics to rank for keywords

  1. Give and Receive Recommendations
    – these are 24/7 references
    – give and receive at least six of each (or keep it equal)
    – be strategic and consider high profile people
    – mention how you met
    – only describe what you have observed
    – only describe what you will say in court
    – include relevant keywords
    – conclude with best wishes

Skill Endorsements are quick and easy, but Recommendations can really tell a story and provide ‘verification’ of your value

  1. Create a Sample Application Document
    – prepare a full length resume with everything in it (can be as long as you like) that you will then save as a new file for each role you apply for
    – as you look at a job role, you save the plain text document file with a new file name
    and remove irrelevant information, shuffle the order of content as needed and include a cover letter on the front page
    – when applying for jobs on LinkedIn, attach your ‘application document’ as your Resume

Set up Job Alerts and respond as quickly as possible after seeing the role – also consider looking at older published roles and contact the decision-maker to see if they are still accepting applications – apply online and also email directly

  1. Develop a Networking and Referrals Strategy
    – download your data from LinkedIn and compare your list of Connections with all of the people you know or have known and reach out to any not on your list and connect directly https://www.linkedin.com/mypreferences/d/download-my-data
    – consider who you can reach out to in your network to let them know specifically what you are looking for and politely asking them to provide you with people who may be able to give you more information or refer you on to someone who would be interested in your skills
    – organise a time to have some brief telephone conversations but ALWAYS follow up with what happened and another thank you for the referral
    – make sure you abide by the LinkedIn User Agreement

Most people are happy to help – so just ask politely and always follow up and say thank you!

  1. Update your Open to Work and Jobs Settings
    – via the Open To button on your LinkedIn Profile
    – can be turned on (without Green Frame) if you are currently working
    – make sure you appear in the most number of searches
    – turn on Job Alerts via the Jobs Tab and respond as quickly as you can as most applications will arrive in the
    first 24-48 hours
    – don’t dismiss jobs based on ‘no salary mentioned’ and aim for jobs that are close to home

Move beyond what you ‘assume’ is correct based on anecdotal comments from well meaning friends and family members – seek the support of a professional career specialist – getting a job is different from doing a job

  1. Update your Services Section
    – the range of services is limited, but it is worth attempting this section
    – add in some media items to showcase your work https://www.linkedin.com/services/page/1402873078b01b7021
    – invite people to add reviews
    – keep an eye out for proposals – see it in your Client Projects list
    – consider creating your own LinkedIn Company Page so you have a logo next to your freelance work and post here as well as your personal LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/setup/new https://www.linkedin.com/company/sue-ellson

You can list up to 10 services – with the change in technology, this may be more relevant in future

Comments from the Chat in the Webinar

Yes – I added the subjects in my linkedin profile after the first presentation I saw you give… this is a great recommendation!
Great tips Sue!
Yes – I added the subjects in my linkedin profile after the first presentation I saw you give… this is a great recommendation!
Great tips Sue!
Can you pls repeat the website for short courses.
Thank you.
I need to head off now; thank you Sue & a great afternoon to all
Thank you Sue for the session. Can you please consider evening sessions if possible?
Useful Tips Sue!
Thank you
Great webinar thanks Sue. Very slick.
Very useful – especially the key words
Updating my achievements, adding my subjects and registering for a mooc!
Thanks Sue, this has given me so much! 🙂
Thank you for such an informative presentation Sue. I appreciate the short, sharp 30 minutes option to learn.
With the key words – you mentioned where you place the key words is important re optimisation. Where are the best places to put the key words (relating to skills for jobs)
You are very generous Sue – thank you for sharing your knowledge
Thankyou so much Sue. The session has been so helpful, I really appreciate your help 🙂
Thank you Sue!! 🙂
Thank you Sue.

Feedback Survey – What has been most helpful to you from this webinar?

Sharp, punchy, no fluff and actionable items. Thanks Sue!
The tips were wonderful. I have been using Linked In for over 10 years but could never understand the algorithms for thank you for educating me.
Clear tips that are realistic
Sue’s advice about including subjects in your LI profile, optimisation words and doing short courses via LI or moocs so you can sure employers you are continuously learning. And also about turning on the notification bell icon on orgs and people you want to see more of in your feed!

Feedback Survey – Anything else?

I love the 30 minute format. Thank you!
Love the timing 12pm and that it was 30 minutes
That was a fantastic short webinar with very helpful tips and tricks – thank you Sue!!!

Reviews after the Webinar

Highly Recommend – A Fantastic 30 Minute webinar laden with tips on how To Improve Your LinkedIn Career Results
Sue’s webinar, was one of the best 30 minutes I’ve spent learning about LinkedIn. Sue is a fantastic presenter and very generous with her time taking questions and also sharing workbooks with attendees post webinar. If you’re not a frequent user of LinkedIn, new to it, looking for a role, looking for a new role or just trying to improve your web presence, attend one of Sue’s webinars! Donna Montes

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