By The Seaside Poem

By The Seaside Poem By Sue Ellson

By Sue Ellson


By the seaside
I sit a while
I pause to reflect
I cry and smile


For here I am
Lost in reverie
Of times gone past
Cast out to sea


As the tides wash away
My troubles and cares
Eternity lives on
My soul still dares


In a moment’s peace
My heart is soothed
The sound of the waves
Clears my head too


The clouds of life
Extend beyond the horizon
Above them blue sky
Where hope lingers on


The breeze caresses
My skin and senses
Then clarity comes
Releases defenses


Here in this place
Vulnerable me
Here’s where I can
Just truly be


The depths of the ocean
So ready to accept
Any old lament
No longer kept


Cleansed I rise
To walk a new path
Fresher I feel
Ready to depart


New horizons beckon
As I watch the birds soar
My body unleashes
A silent roar


For what is to come
Nobody knows
But here at the sea
There are no foes


Just blissful joy
As time stands still
Refreshed, renewed
I can, I will


On a recent trip to my home town of Adelaide in South Australia, I sat on a park bench on the foreshore to the south of Henley Square. The day was sunny and bright and a gentle breeze was blowing. It was a Sunday morning and the shade from the houses kept me out of the sun and in a way, protected from the northerly breeze. I wrote this poem as I watched people and their pets walk by and as I texted a friend. I cannot quite understand why the park benches faced one another rather than the sea, but nevertheless, this gave me an opportunity to take in multiple vistas.

As a teenager, I rode my bike along nearby Seaview Road to and from Henley High School. I didn’t see this particular vista along the way. But being here, in the morning, was refreshing and invigorating. I know that many of us find solace and comfort when we go to the beach.

When I wrote this poem, I thought about how the beach (and nature) allows us to stop being ‘busy’ and allows us to pause and reflect. When I started drawing parallels between what I was feeling and the elements of nature that were present, it was very easy to relate to all of these elements and the swings and roundabouts of life. I hope that you have special places where you can go to ‘let go’ of what no longer serves you and remember, what you can and will do going forward. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

Photo is of park bench on the foreshore of Henley Beach, Adelaide, South Australia on Sunday 24 April 2022.

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