Child Within Poem

Child Within Poem By Sue Ellson

Child Within Poem

By Sue Ellson


The child within
Is not full of sin
The child within
Can begin again


With compassion
With care
With love
With trust
To turn away
From the murky dust


Of shame
Of pain
Of loss
Of heartache
To turn towards
A new daybreak


Safe to grow
Safe to explore
Safe to release
Safe to adore
The child within
Can begin again


On the journey of life, I have met so many people who have had a difficult childhood. When I hear their stories, I wonder to myself, ‘How can they heal their own inner child?’ I am not a psychologist and I can’t help with the tools and techniques, but as a poet, I want to acknowledge the challenge of ‘re-parenting’ one’s own inner child and making sense of the world from an adult perspective, when during childhood, there was only a child’s limited perspective. It doesn’t justify anything, but it can sometimes lead to understanding some things (because when you are older, you can see different points of view). Self love can be difficult. Self compassion is essential. Today, I would simply like to acknowledge the brave souls who are willing to go through the shame, pain, loss and heartache and do what it takes to begin again and find what is truly within. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

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