The Silence Of Loss Poem

The Silence Of Loss Poem By Sue Ellson

The Silence of Loss Poem

By Sue Ellson


The silence of loss
Is painful and real
The silence of loss
It seeks to heal


The silence of loss
Numbs every joy
The silence of loss
Seeks to destroy


The silence of loss
Hears every word said or unsaid
The silence of loss
Fills everyone’s heart with dread


For moments lost
For tears cried
For laughter ceased
For love denied


The silence of loss
A glorious tragedy
The silence of loss
The ultimate comedy


Life is momentary
And full of change
Birth, life and death
The inevitable range


So bittersweet
The pain, the rage
So humbled are we
By the turn of each page


As we rise each day
A new era begins
As we raise our gaze
We can look for wins


A flutter
A hope
A flicker
Of scope


To see the gift
To learn the lesson
To feel the lift
To the next dimension


2020 has seen so many things go silent. Staying at home has also exposed us to silence. The loss of contact, connection and loved ones has been felt even more deeply as we cannot meet and share our grief. We all know that nothing lasts, but in the echo of silence, it feels more real than it ever did before. Ironically, it also gives us the opportunity to deal with loss immediately and not bury it underneath the ‘happy’ mask we so often wear in public. Here is my tribute for all of our losses this year. There is always hope as we reflect on our loss as we allow the good to return and discover the resilience we have earned. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

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