Cognitive Dissonance Poem

Cognitive Dissonance Poem By Sue Ellson

Cognitive Dissonance Poem

By Sue Ellson


First there was the good
And then there was the bad
Then they kept on changing
And I started to feel mad


Which would I choose
The good or the bad
Yes, that’s it, the good
But why do I feel sad


What do I believe
When things keep changing
How can my mind cope
When it’s constantly rearranging


Cognitive dissonance
Was happening to me
Conflicting beliefs
I couldn’t believe


My heart new better
It helped me to see
There was a better way
For me to truly be


It made me stop
It gave me time to think
It wouldn’t rest
I didn’t need a shrink


When I wasn’t rushed
I processed how I felt
My values, my beliefs
And the attitudes I held


Then I compared these
With what was happening
I suddenly realised
I was not imagining


I know what is true
My heart does too
It strives for clarity
In all that I do


So I will let my heart lead
Despite what others say
For therein lies the truth
To choose what I do each day


This is the first poem in a series I would like to do related to personal issues that can be addressed with the support of a coach, counsellor, psychologist, allied health professional or natural therapist. For simplicity, I will call them ‘psychology poems.’

They are not designed to replace professional support and if you need some personal assistance, I encourage you to seek the help you need. I hope that these poems provide insights, awareness and inspiration – for people who are currently facing this issue or know someone who is. Feedback is most welcome in the comments below.

The topic of cognitive dissonance is often used when someone’s behaviour changes on a regular basis and the information you receive seems contradictory. After a while, it can make you doubt what you saw, heard, felt etc. It is quite common in personal relationships with someone you see on a regular basis, particularly if that person is trying to exert some form of control over you. Please note, this is my personal interpretation only, not a professional opinion. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

Photo is of Cape Woolamai on Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia on Monday 31 January 2022.

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