Digital Identity In The Digital Economy For The Career Development Association Of Australia CDAA Conference

Digital Identity In The Digital Economy For The Career Development Association of Australia CDAA Conference

By Sue Ellson

Date: Wednesday 9 April 2015 1:35pm – 2:30pm
Organisation: Career Development Association of Australia CDAA
Session: Digital Identity in the Digital Economy Preparing the Practitioner and Client Value Proposition 55 minutes Presentation
Venue: Pan Pacific Hotel 207 Adelaide Terrace, Perth Western Australia 6004
Invitation from: 
Introduction: CDAA
Topic: “Digital Identity in the Digital Economy”
PowerPoint Slides: 

Audio Recording: (27.2MB, 00:58:11)

(If you enjoyed this presentation, you may also like see the presentations from the CDAA 2014 Conference in Adelaide – LinkedIn for Career Development Practitioners Masterclass and LinkedIn for Career Development Practitioners Workshop).

YouTube Video: 00:58:31


Thoroughly enjoyed your presentation in Perth. I learnt how much I don’t know and how much I need to know – from a digital perspective! Now I need to make time to updated and link my LinkedIn and Google+ accounts and greatly appreciate your professional suggestions. Thanks so much.
Stephen Birch

Thanks for being at the CDAA conference.
Kate Morton

Thanks for your session at the CDAA conference. I was able to make substantial changes to my LinkedIn with your clear advice.
Norma Fakhouri

Thanks for your session yesterday at the CDAA conference Sue. It was good to learn about the usefulness of Google+. People have been telling me it’s dead. But after your session, I’m a convert!
Wanda Hayes

Thanks for your presentation today at the CDAA conference, it was helpful and informative.
Sally Pamberger

Really enjoyed your presentation today and I look forward to getting onto my LinkedIn profile and actually setting it up properly and knowing now how to use it to its full advantage 🙂 thanks.
Kerryn van Dyk

Hi Sue. Thanks for today’s presentation. Very informative and I am looking forward to joining LinkedIn.
Caroline Swaffield

Hi Sue. I have found your presentation absolutely fantastic and yet again, I am looking at updating my LinkedIn profile. I’m working on it. Thanks for being a passionate and engaging presenter . Cheers, Ruby
Rubini Gates

Great refresher workshop Sue. Your tips are logical and good in terms of thinking as the end user when developing a LinkedIn profile.
Liz Redmond

Loved the tips and has motivated me to get more active again. Thanks.
Dianne Davies

Eye opening presentation today…thanks.
Jim Seaha

Hi Sue, thanks for your presentation at the CDAA Conference. I really found the info on Google+ and how important it is to get you noticed.
Stephen Wyatt

Thanks for your presentation Sue. It was very informative and has inspired me to get into improving my digital business content.
Vanine Gilmore

Most energetic and engaging especially after a big lunch. Thanks, Luana.
Luana Felber

Love the practical tools and tips, accessible, practical and empowering. Thank you.
Kylie Dearn

Dear Sue. Great presentation today. Thank you.
Teresa Bubear

Thanks for a great session.
Dr Cecily Moreton

A very informative, illuminating session.
Louise Murphy

Thanks for your session at the CDAA conference today!
Monique Kassi

Thanks Sue, another great presentation!
Melita Long

Great presentation!
Aida Carlon

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