Dream Poem

Dream Poem By Sue Ellson

Dream Poem

By Sue Ellson


I had a dream
That was so sublime
Then one day I woke up
Realising I had run out of time


I had a dream
Of freedom and peace
Then one day I woke up
Realising the chase never ceased


I had a dream
Of life as a song
Then one day I woke up
Realising I had it all along


But it wasn’t just one song
Of love that went oh so wrong
It was in fact a full album
An ups and downs life amalgam


Now when I look back I can see
That life is all about how to be
In moments throughout each and every day
A dream, a wish, a pleasure, simply done today


I read a post on social media this week about not waiting for ‘pleasure’ but finding ‘pleasure’ in moments throughout the day. Like when you feel a breeze, or the water on your body in the shower or even the touch of your own hand on the other hand. How many of these moments in lockdown do we forget about when all we crave is the loving touch of our nearest and dearest who do not live with us?

I am now making a conscious effort to feel ‘pleasure’ throughout the day. Not the intellectual process of gratitude, but the feeling process through my body. As I write this, even the feeling of clothes on my body to keep me warm feels good.

However, at this time, we are also thinking about our regular dreams that seem so elusive when we are waiting to be released back into a ‘new normal.’ Lockdown has also given us a chance to look back.

In January, I attended the Ludovico Einaudi concert at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne and it felt like a piece of music was being played ‘before the end of time on earth.’ Now, I realise that it gave me a tremendous sense of calm and overall, I would say that I have not been afraid during lockdown. I can also look back and see that I have continued to live my dreams, even if some of them may feel like they are on ‘pause’ right now.

Today I heard about Max Richter’s Sleep album – and that will be on my list to explore in the future. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

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