Embracing your own online brand of peculiar on The Indy Author Podcast

Embracing your own online brand of peculiar on The Indy Author Podcast Matty Dalrymple and Sue Ellson

Embracing your own online brand of peculiar on The Indy Author Podcast

By Sue Ellson

Topic: Embracing your own online brand of peculiar

Episode: 206

Date: 3 October 2023

Broadcaster / Interviewer: Matty Dalrymple

Producer or Podcast Name: The Indy Author Podcast

Duration: 00:42:42

Audio and Video Recordings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8jxIHZKeXk

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00:00 Meet Sue Ellson
02:16 Books increase income from other work
04:15 Navigating the gig economy
06:08 A website as the online home base
07:51 From SERPs to CHERPs
11:59 Making a website appealing
13:28 Get website visitors to have at least one interaction
14:45 The value of the page title
17:28 The power of FAQs for chat robots to find
23:26 The power of WordPress + Add-ons
25:44 Let your own kind of peculiar shine through on your website
28:23 Make your online activity a standardized sequence

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Topics Discussed:

✅ digital versus analogue
✅ teaching old dogs new tricks, just one trick at a time
✅ navigating the gig economy
✅ the vital importance of a website as an online home base
✅ how to make a website appealing and meaningful to the search engines as well as the visitors
✅ managing your online activity as a standardized sequence
✅ the power of WordPress + add-ons (plugins)
✅ what it means to go from SERPs to CHERPs
✅ the power of letting your own kind of peculiar shine through on your website
✅ value of being an independent author (with support)
✅ value of LinkedIn as a social media platform for relationships, publishing etc
✅ selling books via online events registration page
✅ be careful when considering a website upgrade
✅ value of website title page – not journalistic, use keywords
✅ including questions and answers one your website
✅ how technology and chat experience could change over time
✅ how chat experience results optimisation can also help search engine results
✅ how we need to do things differently not just faster understand how machine learning is changing constantly
✅ understand how machine learning is changing constantly
✅ improving the user experience on a website to be more similar to social media
✅ conveying your personality on social media and your website
✅ sharing content on multiple platforms individually to @mention as needed
✅ connecting with everyone you ‘meet’ on LinkedIn and consistency of LinkedIn
✅ sharing links to social media posts on your blog posts
✅ scheduling on social media batch producing content
✅ my favourite motto ‘from now on’

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Contact Matty Dalrymple at The Indy Author Podcast.

Special thanks to Jennifer Lancaster for the introduction to Matty Dalrymple!

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