Exuberance Poem

Exuberance Poem by Sue Ellson Flowers on Croydon Road Surrey Hills Melbourne Victoria Australia on 20230903

Exuberance Poem

By Sue Ellson


With an energy of fun
And a joyful glee
A life of exuberance
Helps you feel free


A willingness to play
To test and experiment
To grasp opportunity
To find fulfillment


To dismiss negativity
To feel positively
To avoid being grumpy
To adjust to every calamity


To live in the fire
Of risk and daring
To conquer every challenge
And still be caring


To explore every possibility
To see everything anew
To hear the music of life
In all that you do


Enjoy being more exuberant
Find a way to truly be
For living in the moment
Is the only reality


Do you ever think back to your childhood and remember life being just a little bit more fun and playful? Do you ever feel as if your life is just a little too serious, worrying about work and paying the bills? Do you schedule in down time to rest? Do you still play (without a screen in view)?

I recently met someone who reminded me of the value and fun of being exuberant. In a world where we tend to focus on what is happening in the news, it was nice to reconnect with the reality of life and living in the moment. Perhaps there is a way to incorporate more exuberance in your life…with love, Sue Ellson 🙂

Photo is of flowers on Croydon Road, Surrey Hills, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 3 September 2023.

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