Get The Most Out Of Your LinkedIn Profile For The Australian Businesswomens’ Network

Social Media for Small Busines Her Business Podcast

Get The Most Out Of Your LinkedIn Profile For The Australian Businesswomens’ Network

By Sue Ellson

Topic: “Get the most out of your LinkedIn profile” and “LinkedIn – The growing giant of social media”

Episode: 87

Date: 12 May 2015

Organisation: Australian Businesswomens’ Network – Now Her Business

Podcast: Social Media for Small Business


Invitation from: Suzi Dafnis

Introduction: Cat Matson

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Sue Ellson is an independent LinkedIn specialist as well as a careers adviser and consultant. She was also one of the first 100,000 members in the world to get on LinkedIn. In this podcast, she generously offers her LinkedIn expertise, giving nifty hints to ensure you get the most out of your LinkedIn account.

Sue doesn’t work for LinkedIn; consequently, her glowing review of LinkedIn’s features is authentic and unbiased. She encourages LinkedIn users to consider upgrading to the premium service. Why? Because:

  • You will come first in search results which means you have a better chance of attracting potential clients/customers
  • If you decide to apply for jobs, your profile will come up higher in the list of job applicants
  • You gain access to the InMail message function. You can contact people directly and they’re more likely to respond to an InMail message
  • And all of this for just $45 a month. Having a premium badge also lends you some prestige.

Sue strongly suggests that if you have 70% capacity in any area of expertise, never hesitate to include it on your profile. Many women are reluctant to include their areas of expertise on their LinkedIn, but Sue says: “Don’t be ashamed to showcase your skills.”

Listen to this Social Media for Small Business interview with Sue Ellson to learn:

  • How to get the most out of LinkedIn groups
  • The importance of building your brand on LinkedIn
  • How to use the tagging feature for connections, to get your own personal customer relationship management system
  • Why it’s all about quality not quantity when it comes to posting
  • How to get more people looking at your LinkedIn profile

Sue Ellson’s favourite social media tool is (surprise, surprise) LinkedIn. She prefers using it on her computer rather than a tablet or smartphone device, because a desktop computer offers her full functionality.

Aside from LinkedIn, Sue loves using Google Plus because it boosts her search results especially when she links her other publications. Sue also enjoys using Youtube to publish her videos because it gives her immediate results.

At the end of the day, Sue sees social media platforms as a tool and says nothing beats face to face contact which is why she still attends events.

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  • On LinkedIn? Join the Australian Businesswomen’s Network LinkedIn Group here
  • This post was co-authored by Yenée Saw. Yenée is currently completing a content marketing internship at the Australian Businesswomen’s Network. She studies an Arts/Law degree at the University of New South Wales.

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