LinkedIn And Google+ For You And Your Business For The Whitehorse Business Group

LinkedIn And Google+ For You And Your Business For The Whitehorse Business Group

By Sue Ellson

Date: Wednesday 29 April 2015 from 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Organisation: Whitehorse Business Group
Session: Interactive PowerPoint Presentation for one hour
Venue: The Pavillion, corner of Middleborough Road and Whitehorse Road, Box Hill, Victoria 3128
Invitation from: Kathy Collier
Introduction: Peter Grierson
Topic: “LinkedIn and Google+ for You and Your Business”
PowerPoint Slides: (5.4MB) 

Audio Recording: (38MB, 01:18:02)

LinkedIn Seminar – Sold Out
Proudly Presented by: Whitehorse Business Group
Date: Wednesday 29th April, 2015

Sue Ellson BBus AIMM MAHRI is the Founder and Director of Newcomers Network, a socially responsible business established in 2001 providing information, events and advocacy for newcomers and networkers. With representatives in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth, Newcomers Network helps people live, work and network in their new location.

Sue established the Camberwell Network in 2012 providing information, events and networking for people who live, work and network in Camberwell.

She is also a Victorian Councillor for the Australian Human Resources Institute, a regular feature writer for various publications and an Independent LinkedIn Specialist.

Connect directly to Sue via LinkedIn or visit for more information on her past publications and presentations.

LinkedIn and Google+ for You and Your Business
Google your name or your business name and the top search results are likely to be from LinkedIn or Google+. Now is the time to maximise your performance and conversion via these premium value social media platforms.
This will be a practical and interactive presentation with a lot of content and the opportunity to ask questions related to your needs. Sue will share examples and real life true stories so you will have plenty of take home tips.

Learn how to:
• Optimise your keywords most effectively
• Complete your profiles for your purpose
• Increase your conversion rates

Suitable for:
• Business Owners and Managers
• Consultants and Professionals in Practice
• Freelancers and Contractors
• People seeking Part Time or Full Time Employment
• Individuals willing to drive their own success


Hi Sue, Thanks for your presentation the other night – it was the best I’ve seen on Google+ and Linked In because it was so straightforward and practical.
Jenny Hanley

Hi Sue, Following your seminar I have updated my LinkedIn profile to reflect my skills.
is a very long profile now!!! Thanks heaps.
Gabriela Ammendola

Dear Sue, Thank you very much for the great presentation that you offered our members and guests on Wednesday. I have created a post event survey and over 70% of the people taking part on it thought that your presentation was either excellent or very good! As some of our members were not able to attend the session, would you please let me know how they can access the recording of it? It would be fantastic if we could also be able to upload it onto our website next to the event’s pictures. Thank you very much once more for your support. Kind regards,
Laura Laje

Hi Sue, Thank you for a wonderful presentation and glad that I was able to attend. I have learned so much and I will be working on the weekend to get my details updated and do all those great things that you’ve mentioned to get my profile and business known. Thank you and will be in touch shortly.
Jennie Tran

Hi Sue, Thank you very much for your advice I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to respond.  Enjoy your day. Kind regards,
Sarah Crawford


Hi Sue, Thank you for your presentation last night at the Whitehorse Business Group. It was both very informative, but more importantly, was a very practical self help presentation. Warm regards
Stewart Clark

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