Gone Forever True Together Poem

Gone Forever True Together Poem By Sue Ellson Town Hall Ballarat Victoria Australia

Gone Forever, True Together Poem

By Sue Ellson


Moments in time seem so fleeting
When we look back on our lives seeking meaning
At the time something else felt more important
Alas we have discovered it simply wasn’t


We look back with a sense of regret
And wonder why it is so hard to forget
The blame, the guilt, the sense of remorse
Somehow wishing our lives had taken a different course


Now is the only time we really have
We cannot change the past that we once had
We can move forward in new ways
To make the most of ALL of our days


It is never too late to give up hope
Or give yourself a little more rope
A chance to make some new ties
And view the world with fresh new eyes


For our stories from the past do not define us
But they are a way to create a new form of kindness
The sort that says your past does not define you
Who you are becoming can be nice and new


You can find a way to reconnect
To love what you love in every respect
Connectedness, joy and happiness
Are not available through a purchase


Do not be afraid to start again
Your life can literally transcend
It can take some time to make new choices
To gather the courage against the annoying voices


Define your values and your purpose
Then take the leap over that large surface
The fork in the road is right in front of you
Now honour your soul and your heart and simply be true


This poem was inspired by a man I met who had a very busy international career for many years and he had spent a lot of his time travelling and working away from home. A terrible tragedy occurred and he had been stuck in a job that was not meaningful for quite some time and yet he seemed to be reluctant to seek assistance to transition into another role.

So I guess the main message I want to convey here is firstly, forgive yourself for anything that was not perfect in your past. Secondly, have the courage, despite your fears, to begin again. Get help if you need it. Spend quality time with your children, family and friends – they need you in their lives. Finally, do not worry about who you have been, plan and take action for who you will become.

With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

Photo is of Ballarat Town Hall Clock taken on 15 July 2015.

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