Gone Poem

Gone Poem By Sue Ellson

Gone Poem

By Sue Ellson


Lost is not forgotten
Gone is not goodbye
Missing is not absent
Away is not close by


In moments of aloneness
We can linger too long in thought
Our heart is trying to heal
And move us past feeling so fraught


Be kind
Be loving
As you would to another
It hurts
It aches
But you will recover


Look carefully now
And inside you will see
The love you seek
Is the love you can be


Let it shine
Beyond the dark clouds
First just a peek
Until you’re ready for crowds


Before you know it
Your days will begin again
The memory will be a blessing
Or even a glimpse of heaven


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We all know the feeling of spending time with a loved one and then ultimately losing the ability to be with them in person again. Some of these people are more special than others. Some connect with us on a very deep level and it can be hard to stop thinking about them on a daily or even hourly basis. Some, we may never stop thinking about, no matter what we do or how much time passes. The love they bring can remain deep within us, if we can find a way to change that loss into a memory and a blessing. We may then find that we are grateful to them for showing us the love that is already within us. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

Photo is of climable tower in Bendigo Botanical Gardens, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia on 1 January 2019

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