Unique Poem

Unique Poem By Sue Ellson

Unique Poem

By Sue Ellson


Are you a zombie to conformity
Too willing to be the same
Trapped in a familiar destiny
Too afraid to live up to your name?


Are you locked on a path of mediocrity
A prisoner of your own thoughts
A manager of other’s expectations
Too shy to explore all you’ve been taught?


Release the monsters in your mind
Dance away the limiting beliefs
Look beyond the obvious options
Take action and be all that you seek


As you begin to forge a new path
Be ready to face up to your fears
Gather your very own tribe
To support, to encourage, to cheer


Your inner strength will return
And help you deal with the change
Then one day you will wake up
Unable to be a zombie again


This poem was inspired by a comment I made in an email about being a ‘zombie to conformity’ and then it struck me, I could use that expression in a poem. So I thought a bit more about the people I have met and how some feel as if they are a ‘zombie’ doing the same thing, day in and day out, and not really finding a way to live according to their highest values (which doesn’t mean purpose, I believe that is a destination that is not always possible to achieve and even if you do get to the destination, then what?). Anyway, I hope it encourages everyone who reads it to remember – you are unique, your gift to the world is your uniqueness – so be prepared to be the most unique version of yourself as possible! With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

Photo is of a path in Blackburn Lake Park, Blackburn, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 20 January 2019

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