Grumpy Poem

Grumpy Poem by Sue Ellson Orange Lily Canterbury, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Grumpy Poem

By Sue Ellson

I’m grumpy
I’m grumpy
So leave me alone
I need time to think
To get back in my zone


I’m grumpy
I’m grumpy
Don’t bother me now
I’m full to the brim
And feel quite foul


I’m grumpy
I’m grumpy
Don’t ask me dumb questions
Can’t you see I don’t care
Or want your suggestions


I’m grumpy
I’m grumpy
I’ve tolerated nonsense
I don’t want to hear any more
I’ve lost all patience


I’m grumpy
I’m grumpy
And quite happy to be so
If you can just give me some peace
I might be nicer tomorrow


Many years ago in my first job, I went to an interview to be considered for a different role in the same organisation that would also be a promotion.

I was asked to tell the interviewer about my ‘strengths and weaknesses.’ I had never heard that question before and being a ‘typical’ Australian, I couldn’t think of any strengths as the Australian culture at that time did not encourage you to talk about yourself or your strengths.

So I told them I couldn’t think of any strengths. Then I had to ask myself, what are my weaknesses?

I remembered that when I was still living with my parents, my mother would say that she could tell by the look on my face when I arrived home about what sort of day I had and whether or not I would be ‘grumpy.’

So I blurted out in the interview, ‘I get grumpy sometimes.’

Well, the interviewer laughed. So did I. I couldn’t believe I had just said that!

But I got the job.

I figured that being totally honest and authentic helped.

I also guessed it was okay to be grumpy sometimes.

So let’s not beat ourselves up if we get grumpy occasionally.

It usually means that we need a bit of time to either process what is happening or disagree with what is happening.

It doesn’t mean that we are disagreeing with everything and perhaps the people around us need to be a little more patient.

Whilst I wrote this poem back in July 2022, I thought I would publish it today as there is a new movie coming out in the cinemas on 1 January 2023 about a man who is ‘grumpy.’ Then I remembered, I get grumpy sometimes. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

Photo is of an orange lily flower taken in Canterbury Melbourne Victoria Australia on 25 November 2022.

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