Half Poem

Half Poem By Sue Ellson

Half Poem

By Sue Ellson


Do I do things by half
And regret never finishing
Do I reflect on the past
And realise I am half living


Do I have complete faith
And include the divine
Do I run every race
And forget to really shine


Half baked
Half lived
Half cried
Half tried


Why by half
And not in full
Why a little empty
Or even doubtful


Half is started
Half means you have begun
Half is partly achieved
Half is sometimes done


There is no need to fear
A half measure of effort
Circumstances can change
And fluctuate like the weather


Perhaps you have a past
Splattered with shame and deceit
Perhaps you never really feel
Your own sense of complete


If half chooses to stay
Be of good courage every day
Understand where you are at
And try and move on from that


Each little step you take
In your new found direction
Will take you past half way
On the road to completion


See the barriers
And say hello
They may not be friends
They could even be foes


Half is a start
You have played your part
In the journey of time
You have begun the climb


And if you fail
Or lose your way
Don’t forget your effort
Because tomorrow is a new day


For every time you rise
You may find a surprise
For every time you overcome
Celebrate what you have done


That is the gold
The joy, the dream
To see your strengths
And gently beam


Half for now
Half for later
Half is here
On the path to greater


In the past, I have beaten myself up for some tasks that are either not started or only half done and left waiting for me to get back to them. Usually I simply run out of time, but sometimes I put off these tasks. Sometimes I wonder if I had half done the task whether I would feel better off because at least then something would have been done and maybe, I would even find the time to complete the task (or be more motivated to complete it).

This poem has been written for everyone who feels like they only ever go half way in life (I can assure you that there are many things you have completed by the way). This does not mean you have failed. As I suggest, the circumstances may have changed and it may not be worth completing the task. There is certainly no point in beating yourself up over not completing a task, particularly if you have competing demands. So here I just want to acknowledge all of us who sometimes feel like half, and to pause and reflect on all the things we have done, because we are all whole, just as we are. With love, Sue 🙂

Photo is of a dragonfly my friend pointed out when we visited the Bulleen Art and Garden nursery in Bulleen, Melbourne, Victoria on Saturday 6 November 2021.

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