Courage Poem

Courage Poem By Sue Ellson

Courage Poem

By Sue Ellson


If I had courage
What would I do
Would I speak my truth
And listen too


If I had courage
Would I give up the fight
Could I truly forgive
And release my plight


If I had courage
Would I trust in more
Could faith support me
To my very core


If I had courage
Would I sometimes say no
Could the choice be mine
To stay or go


If I had courage
Would I be alone
Could I conquer my fears
To revel in my zone


If I had courage
Would I overcome
Could I look forward to the future
And truly become


Courage is just a belief
In the power of my choice
Courage is the decision
To hear my own voice


Courage is action
In times of adversity
Courage is motion
Forward assertively


It may be imperfect
It may feel strange
It can take strength
To be the change


But here I stand
In the light of courage
In the faith of hope
My heart I manage


Be of good strength
Be of good humour
For in the end
Life is simply a rumour


Let courage ignite your story
Let courage give you glory
Let courage inspire your dreams
Let courage improve your genes


There is not a person on earth who has not had to call on courage at some time in their life. We have all had challenges that we must overcome. Some days are easier than others. With love, support and care, it can be a little easier. Without, it can be a little harder. This is when we need to remind ourselves of our inner courage, our greater faith and our deeper knowledge within. It can be silenced by distraction. By addictions. By external noise. By accumulated beliefs. But it is still there. My wish for you this amazing day is to believe that courage is within you, even during the darkest of days and the saddest of moments. It is the will that keeps us alive and allows us to thrive. Remember that it is yours and nothing can ever diminish it. With love, Sue 🙂

Photo is of a poppy in a garden at the Heide Museum of Modern Art in Bulleen, Melbourne, Victoria on 6 November 2021. Red is the ‘colour’ of courage.

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