Heart Poem

Heart Poem By Sue Ellson

Heart Poem

By Sue Ellson


My heart has a voice
That whispers to me
It knows my truth
Beyond what I see


My heart has a rhythm
That beats for me
It knows my pace
And makes me feel free


My heart has a sound
That hears every word
It knows my thoughts
And is often stirred


To feel
To respond
To flee
To abscond


To care
To hope
To love
To mope


But my heart knows the way
It lets me leave or stay
And in the end it sings to me
About how to live and truly be


I have spent a lot of time in recent weeks mulling over thoughts and feelings and analysing pros and cons. I have had to make some difficult decisions and my rational mind has not been able to answer my questions with an answer that feels right.

Perhaps now that there is more time to reflect, I have felt my heart in my chest and have realised that it has a voice too, and that ultimately, I need to listen to that voice. It feels as though it knows everything in my mind, body and soul and that it lives in truth. Whenever I ask it for answers, I feel its truth. I hope this poem opens you up to the voice of your heart too. I have found the experience very profound. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

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