Hero Poem

Hero Poem By Sue Ellson

Hero Poem

By Sue Ellson


What does it take to be a hero
To inspire another soul
When circumstances may be difficult
And you are feeling less than whole


What does it mean to be a hero
To realise what’s within
When the darkness of constant challenge
Makes life feel a little grim


What does it look like to be a hero
To appear so strong and secure
When emotions trick you into believing
That you need a magic cure


When you wake and face your fears
And finally shed those withheld tears
When you examine what has gone wrong
And allow your heart to sing its true song


When you consider taking new steps
And allow your body to truly rest
When you become grateful for all that exists
And with discernment, choose what persists


When you understand what may never change
And find new ways to rearrange
When you live in love and communication
And discover your inner elation


A hero has the courage
To find a way to flourish
To adjust their approach over time
And ultimately be just fine


I enjoy writing poetry that provides an opportunity to reflect on what is happening right now and helps me think about how I can live a ‘better’ life based on what I have spent years learning through various self-development activities. I hope this poem helps you see that you are the hero in your own life.

Being a hero doesn’t mean you need to have super-hero powers. I see it as the courage to do things that are outside of my current comfort zone, whatever that looks like. For example, I have no desire to jump out of a plane with a parachute to convince myself of anything, but I definitely need some courage when I need to have a difficult conversation with someone.

I also don’t see being a hero as something out of reach. Little courageous activities make me feel like my version of a hero and when I complete those courageous activities, I feel sublime (regardless of the outcome). With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

Photo is of a yellow daisy flower in a garden in Canterbury, Melbourne, Victoria taken on 20 August 2021.

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