How To Start Writing A Book

How To Start Writing A Book with Daniel Vidaud Dave Stokes and Sue Ellson

How To Start Writing A Book

By Sue Ellson

Daniel Vidaud reached out to Sue Ellson on LinkedIn to ask a few questions on how to start writing a book. So Sue decided to host an event and answer his and any other questions publicly. Dave Stokes, an audio book producer, asked if he could share some of his insights as well. The discussion was held on Zoom on Thursday 3 February 2022 at 1pm Melbourne Time.

It is not a ‘professional development’ session as such, more a conversation between a future author, an author and an audio book producer sharing anecdotes, learnings and experiences.

How To Start Writing A Book Video Recording

How To Start Writing A Book PowerPoint Slides

These were just used as general overview for the discussion – this event was mostly run as a question and answer session.

Video of Sue’s Writing Space in 2016

The LinkedIn Event Page for Networking

You may also like to visit the event on LinkedIn as for the next 12 months, you will be able to see the 75 people who registered to attend and network away to your heart’s content!

Comments from the Chat in the Webinar

Sue is brilliant at internet searchability. She optimised my LinkedIn Profile and gave sensational advice :>).
Never use a five dollar word when a fifty cent one will suffice (Mark Twain).
Thank you for showing the video. The outlining you did with the post-its and pages is what I think will help me.
Great info.
Beautiful…thank you Sue.
Well done Sue and such a great story :-).
Many thanks to all of you. Helps me on the journey.
Thank you so much for having this! I learned a lot and took notes.
Thanks so much Sue, I’ve realised I already have enough content for three books!

Comments via Email after the Webinar

Thoroughly enjoyable :>) Thanks so much Sue, That really was a treat :>) Fondest regards

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