I Lived Poem

I Lived Poem By Sue Ellson

I Lived Poem

By Sue Ellson


I hurt when you criticised me
I hurt when you ignored me
I hurt when you rejected me
I hurt when you stifled me


I healed when I forgave you
I healed when I talked to others
I healed when I took responsibility for my own life
I healed when I created my own boundaries


I lived when I spoke my truth
I lived when I found my tribe
I lived when I listened to my heart
I lived when I actioned my future


In my work and through my friends, I hear a lot of stories. There are common themes that come out in so many stories, particularly in relation to what other people have said or done and how that has affected them over time.

Likewise, in my own life, I have had to find various ways to heal and now, I do my best to live according to the highest respectful values-driven principles I can find.

It has ultimately boiled down to me taking full responsibility for everything I say, do or promise and it takes a consistent commitment to courageous action. Ultimately, I would like to spend more of my time using my gifts to serve others so that they too, can find ways to bring their gifts to life. With love, Sue 🙂

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