Generosity Poem

Generosity Poem By Sue Ellson

Generosity Poem

By Sue Ellson


Give and take is just an exchange
Lead with your heart, be the change
It isn’t easy when old paradigms exist
It isn’t easy when so many people resist


Locked, loaded, often exploded
The old ways linger and get reloaded
The weak exist in a state of confusion
The strong persist and reach new conclusions


It is okay to give your love away
And risk the investment that you have made
But over time you will come to learn
There are some people you can keep, and some you can churn


They may not be ready for what you have to offer
But there will be others that can receive your proffer
The lost will get a glimpse of love without limits
Even if it gives you the absolute irrits!


Just take a step back
And look around
Focus on your nearest and dearest
Take a stand on sacred ground


Your love is amazing
Your love is true
So focus on those
Most important to you


Then after that
Think how can you be
The most useful to others
Sharing generously


Your love is here
Your love is now
Your love can heal
Your love is wow!


I have personally chosen to live a generous and abundant life, believing that there is always love to give and that there is enough for everyone. That is why so much of the content I produce is free and accessible to anyone.

From time to time, I have come across people who feel confronted by my approach. I have read a lot of self-help information over the years and I have discovered it can also be a form of control! Yikes. I may also be an extra-sensitive empath as well – double yikes!

So I have had to learn the hard way that not everyone is ready for the world of love and abundance and definitely not the world of generosity.

But this week, I realised that rather than chase the people who don’t appreciate my gestures, I really should redirect those additional efforts back to my nearest and dearest and find new ways to share the message of love to people who will appreciate the inspiration and encouragement.

I trust that my future blessings will reach more people who need it and likewise, that they will be inspired and encouraged to pass their love on, in their own way, as well. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

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