Introduction To LinkedIn For Women For The Womens Information Referral Exchange WIRE

Introduction To LinkedIn For Women For The Womens Information Referral Exchange WIRE

By Sue Ellson

Date: Monday 1 May 2017 1:40pm – 4:15pm
Organisation: WIRE Womens Information Referral Exchange
 WIRE, 372 Spencer Street, West Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3003
Invitation from: 
Anna Andersson AMICA Program Coordinator (Amica means female friend in Latin)
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Audio Recording: (49.4MB, 01:47:08)

Notes: The book ‘120 Ways To Achieve Your Purpose With LinkedIn’ was given away as a door prize for attending.

FREE employment workshop
Monday 1 May 1.30 – 3.00pm
Introduction to LinkedIn
Have you heard about LinkedIn and
thought it was only for professionals?

Did you know that it is a very powerful tool for finding a job,
moving up in your career or marketing your business?

Come along to this interactive workshop to learn:
• how to create a LinkedIn profile
• tips on maximising your profile for a job, career or business
• the most important adjustments to keep in mind
• the latest new features.

Presenter: Sue Ellson has been helping private clients of all ages with their career or business since 2008. She teaches at CAE, RMIT, Monash and General Assembly and is the Founder and Director of Sue is a regular feature writer for various publications and an independent LinkedIn specialist.

Bookings are essential
Monday 1st May 1.30pm – 3.00pm
372 Spencer St, West Melbourne
Call: (03) 9348 9416 (Option 2)
This seminar is generously supported by Bank Australia

WIRE Women’s Information and Referral Exchange
372 Spencer St, West Melbourne
(5 minutes’ walk from Flagstaff Station)

Providing information and support to all women on any issue

For information, referrals and support call Women’s Support Line on 1300 134 130 or visit
Women’s Information and Referral Exchange Inc. ABN 98 957 157 895 Reg. No. A122


Hi Sue,

Thanks for a lovely session today. I can see that you are very passionate about the topic. Thanks very much for your generosity, your insights and your expertise.
Thanks also for your uplifting sense of humor. You were very generous with your time in the session and the women walked out saying big thank you’s to myself and my colleagues.
It was a very engaging workshop so thanks very much once again.
Have a lovely week!
Warm regards,

Other Feedback:
What was most helpful in the session today?

Learning about keywords that trigger profile to come up in searches
Explain what to say on LinkedIn and how to format it
Learn about the Privacy settings on LinkedIn
Everything! Super informative!
Understanding how to use the platform
Important to use relevant keywords so that recruiters can find you
Refresh my knowledge on LinkedIn
To have a general idea of LinkedIn
To learn how to present a proper/good profile in LinkedIn
Lots of practical skills, thank you!
The energy, all the good tips on LinkedIn
Engaging presenter, real life examples, good ideas/practical

Can you give examples of skills that you’ve learnt today?
Putting your name in the URL
How to change privacy
Turn on career interest
Important setting for my LinkedIn account
Important tips for writing my work experience
Tips of how to take advantage of other people’s profile
Tips of how to look for a job using LinkedIn
How to increase privacy
How to attract employment
Develop my profile
3 ways to get a job – networking, referral, volunteering
Updating and fine tuning
I need to use professional words in resume, transferable skills
How to manage the settings and privacy
To understand better the importance of the image in the profile
Different sub sections of the profile
Write a better summary on LinkedIn
Know better about LinkedIn
Use it better
Better understanding of using LinkedIn as I have my profile/account not visible at present

What are you going to know or do differently as a result of attending this workshop?
Edit my resume drastically and close up all the date holes
Change my LinkedIn profile to be more job related
Will update and check settings on my LinkedIn
I am going to set my LinkedIn profile
Use LinkedIn accurately
Access the free resources on Sue Ellson’s website
Fine tune my profile
Update my profile
Create a profile on LinkedIn
I am going to improve my profile on LinkedIn
I am going to take an appropriate photo of myself for my profile
Start up a LinkedIn account to use to research different jobs titles, areas and companies
Find key words to put in profile
I’ll edit my LinkedIn profile
Work quicker and better on my profile
Better use of LinkedIn
Other job search approaches
Work on my LinkedIn profile
Be more confident or out there in using this product
Knowing the weather and the footy team for an interview process

General Comments
Very helpful
Thank you. Sue is a great story teller and an interesting presenter. Well worth it!
Thank you for sharing all your knowledge. We needed more time
Wonderful, Sue was a great presenter, engaging, fun and logical
I would prefer a more step by step approach to setting up a LinkedIn profile. EG How to write the main sections required in a profile
Helpful and interesting
This workshop was very useful for me. Thank you very much
What a lot of information. Will need time to process, but fantastic!
Thank you so much! The session was very informative and useful
Thank you. Great workshop
Great session again and very important to know there are others who are experiencing similar issues

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