LinkedIn For Members For The Australian Human Resources Institute AHRI

LinkedIn For Members For The Australian Human Resources Institute AHRI

By Sue Ellson

Date: Tuesday 18 April 2017 5:30pm – 6:45pm
Organisation: Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) Cairns Student and Young Professionals Network
Session: Webinar
Venue: Online
Invitation from: Donovan van Putten
Introduction: Lisa Mannering and Allana Gray
Topic: “LinkedIn for AHRI Members”
Details Online:

“Personal and Professional Branding”, Social Media in Action

Independent LinkedIn Specialist and author of “120 Ways to Achieve Your Purpose With LinkedIn” Sue Ellson, will deliver a Webinar specifically for Student and Young professionals. This event will focus on how to develop a professional profile that ensures your presence on LinkedIn has the desired impact. It will also provide tips and queues on how to “read” profiles in a way that helps you to better understand the profile owner and what they represent.

This is an event that is open to both Students and Young Professionals and is a rare opportunity to draw on the years of experience and knowledge that Sue Ellson offers in a fun and interactive format. This is a perfect opportunity for those looking to expand their knowledge of LinkedIn and to ensure they are able to use it more effectively as a tool in the workplace. to gain some relevant advice as well as an opportunity to network with like-minded peers.

Speaker: Sue Ellson Independent LinkedIn Specialist

PowerPoint Slides: 

Audio Recording:
Download the 37MB .m4a file lasting 01:14:25 audio recording of Sue Ellson’s presentation here (please note this is only one side of the conversation as the recording was completed live at one end)

18/04/2017 Dear Sue, Thank you so much for making yourself available for what was a valuable opportunity for all the participants this evening. Your contribution was appreciated and there were many happy and excited members of the audience this evening who left with a greater understanding and appreciation for LinkedIn. Kind regards Donovan van Putten

18/04/2017 Tonight I attended the Australian HR Institute (AHRI) Cairns Students and Young Professionals event which was a live webinar with Sue Ellson. A thoroughly enjoyable and insightful event, and if you haven’t yet looked at Sue’s profile or insights, I recommend you do! Some great info for everyone to keep their LinkedIn profile relevant, useful and user friendly! Lisa Mannering

18/04/2017 Thank you very much for your tips. Kind regards, Theresa Dummer