LinkedIn For Career Changers

LinkedIn for Career Changers with Sue Ellson

LinkedIn for Career Changers

By Sue Ellson

This event was designed for Career Changers who would like to learn more about how they can use LinkedIn and is the thirteenth event in the LinkedIn Insights Webinar and Online Event Series.

It is highly recommended that you read the following articles and watch the videos for more detailed steps:

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  • LinkedIn Event page for networking
  • selected comments from the chat in the webinar
  • comments after the webinar
  • reviews after the webinar
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The LinkedIn Event Video Recording

YouTube link

The LinkedIn Event PowerPoint Slides

The LinkedIn Event Page for Networking

You may also like to visit the event on LinkedIn as for the next 12 months, you will be able to see the 192 people who registered to attend and network away to your heart’s content!

Selected Comments from the Chat in the Webinar

LinkedIn for Creatives by Sue was fantastic for tips on having creative side hustles..
Hi Sue, Thanks, loving the tips.
Oh, we have LinkedIn QR codes! I will definitely include it if I do another conference presentation!
Thanks Sue. Although I’m not changing jobs I was keen to learn more tips about using LinkedIn and your session was excellent.
Wow, you’re teaching us about Google and others. Thanks!
Thanks Sue for the amazing session!
Thank you Sue you are amazing and a very insightful session 
Thanks Sue, got to leave – outstanding as usual! Be well and continue to succeed.
Thank you Sue, I learned a lot today.
80/20 (Pareto) priniciple holds true for everything we come across in professional or personal lives.. nothing is 100% perfect and there’s no perfect job too.! so true.!
I am in finance and banking industry too and a lot of what you said- resonates with me 
I’m also risk averse and a perfectionist but I have since learned to do the Pareto principle. Yes, F, I am in the education sector and a lot resonates with me too 
Thank you so much Sue excellent content as always.
Great session thank you
This has been so good. Thanks Sue
Thank you so much Sue. Such a great presentation again! I am going to send my husband your way in 2023!
Can’t wait to go through the recording after today. Love all of your links. You are so generous with your time
So much information and learning and great insights! You are a very different LinkedIn + others expert! I’m so glad I decided to join. Thank you, Sue!
Thank you Sue! You are amazing!
Google review done. Thanks Sue.
Thank you for allowing us to share too!
Thank you Sue for such an informative and insightful session.. you are a legend.! Best wishes.!
Thank you for the session. Very helpful
Wish I knew you earlier but never too late!
How do you manage your presentation, talk to it and read and respond to chats at the same time? Amazing online skills, Sue!
I was thinking the same thing ….
Thanks Sue….great advice as always.
yeah it’s commendable indeed.. should say a great sense of being mindful.! 
Thank you Sue
I truly enjoy it! Thanks.
Thank you!!!
Thanks Sue
Thank you very much!
great thanks

Reviews after the Webinar

Google Reviews

Julia Monsbourgh
Sue’s webinars come with a wealth of information and heaps for later reference. Incredibly worthwhile.
Elizabeth Ng
I attended the first free LinkedIn webinar by Sue. Her experience and expertise are way beyond LinkedIn. I highly recommend to connect with Sue and refer to the resources she has.
Max Kalis
Generous with her genius on the world of LinkedIn. Thank you
Claire Pech
Fantastic. As always.

LinkedIn Recommendations

Denny Nesbitt
Attended Sue’s webinar on LinkedIn for career changers today and it was jam packed full of value. So many valuable insights and links to follow up actions and reading. I will definitely be attending all of Sue’s webinars in future!
Katie Robertson-Kelk
Thank you Sue for your time and effort you take with your webinars. I really appreciate your expertise.

Website Recommendations

Rita I attended Sue Ellson’s webinar today on LinkedIn for career changers – it was very engaging, insightful and I got a lot from the session. Highly recommend to anyone who needs useful tips while considering a career change.

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