LinkedIn Predictions 2022

LinkedIn Predictions 2022 By Sue Ellson

By Sue Ellson


Sue Ellson in Melbourne Australia. LinkedIn predictions 2022. I would love to see LinkedIn provide a tool for School Pages that enables them to track and find alumni. Now i realize that some schools and colleges and universities only have Company Pages and those really need to be contacted and invited to become a School Page and enable current and past students to nominate that school, college or university on their LinkedIn profile.

There’s been a lot of work happening on the layout of the LinkedIn Profile and I hope that this process improves the level of connection that we feel with the people in our network and any Followers who happen to find us understand what we do a little bit better.

I would also like to see the messaging Inbox sorted in some way, even if we’re allowed just one folder which we can put in messages which we would like to follow up on. One of my favorite concepts of LinkedIn was the tagging and when Sales Navigator was started it was moved over to only available for Sales Navigator members but I believe everybody according to Dunbar’s number, should have around 200 people on their VIP list and it would be lovely to add my favourite network connections to that VIP list and be prompted about every three months to reach out to a few of those people and maintain my relationship with those people who are important to my work.

I also believe that online commerce is on the way here. Now we have seen a number of cross social media platform adaptations like hashtags from Twitter, well Instagram enables you to have a Shop and I predict that LinkedIn will have some sort of shop available as well in the future.

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