LinkedIn Favourite Features Of 2021

LinkedIn Favourite Features Of 2021 By Sue Ellson

LinkedIn Favourite Features Of 2021

By Sue Ellson


Sue Ellson, Independent LinkedIn Specialist in Melbourne Australia. My favourite things on LinkedIn in 2021.

I love seeing the posts that I put on LinkedIn appearing in online search results just like Tweets can appear online as soon as they’re published. It seems that Google and LinkedIn are talking to one another more.

I love how on the mobile app you can click on your face and you can add a 30 second video. This is a great way to introduce yourself personally but also perhaps to add a quick show reel that showcases your capabilities.

I’m excited by the fact that Company Pages can now publish Articles. This means that social media strategists can add content to the Company Profile rather than requesting permission from the CEO all the time and I also love the fact that we can connect with people on LinkedIn, it’s best feature and if you click in the Search box on your mobile phone, some little dots will appear and you can use the Scan Code feature. If you see a Follow or a Connect button, don’t press those, press the dots and Personalize your invitation and say nice to meet you and the location and then send off your request to connect live and in person.

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