LinkedIn Top Ten Tips For Your Profile

LinkedIn Top Ten Tips For Your Profile

By Sue Ellson

These tips were created in June 2013 to help you improve your own LinkedIn Profile to a minimum professional standard.  More tips will be revealed in an upcoming eBook.

  1. Customize your public profile URL (for example
  2. Change your headline to include keywords you would like to be searched on
  3. Change your contact information – include your mobile number in international format +61 402 243 271, add all of your email addresses in use, add your instant messaging service details (Skype) in the address box, include the contact details for people to connect with you in the way you feel comfortable (this information is accessible to all, even if the person is not connected to you)
  4. Summary Section – this should be a narrative, an introduction that someone could read out to introduce you at an event.  Start with your current situation, then tell the story of your career so far (from the beginning) and then explain your future – your desired client/career path/how to contact you
  5. For every position – include a short description of the company, all of the duties you have completed, all of the achievements and then the URL address of the company you were working for ie (even though it will not be a clickable link)
  6. Skills and Expertise – these are ‘encouraged’ by LinkedIn, do not be too anxious about these, but if you have some specific areas, add them to the list
  7. Education – include all of your subjects and details of the organisation of the education provider.  Also include in depth training courses in this section (more details can be added than the Courses section). For authenticity, add dates, certificate numbers, education provider URL’s
  8. Additional Information – include your hobbies (but avoid sensitive topics – not gambling, bungy jumping if you are an accountant etc)
  9. Personal information – do not include your date of birth or marital status. It does not affect your ability to do a job
  10. Advice for Contacting You – provide instructions and details – call to action

Other Tips

  • Be careful about syncing with contacts but DO download your contacts.
  • Download a PDF of your profile and save it before and after making your changes.
  • Keep a record of your statistics so you can see how your profile is working.
    ___ people have viewed your profile in the last ___ days ___

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