Nothing Poem

Nothing Poem By Sue Ellson

Nothing Poem

By Sue Ellson


I’d like to do nothing


My life is so full of emotions
That can’t be solved with potions
My life is so full of injuries
That can’t be healed with luxuries


So I’d like to do nothing
To stop this roller coaster
I want to get off this crazy track
And find a way to get my life back


So let me do nothing
Let me do the clearing
So let me do nothing
And move beyond existing


When my life slows down
I can be in my vibration
When my life is calm
It needs no explanation


In nothing
I’ll stop wrestling
In nothing
I’ll be everything


Then after the pause
Return once more
So much more alive


Do nothing today
And say goodbye to yesterday


I have a very dear friend that I see on a regular basis and we meet to genuinely share our trials and tribulations. Today, this friend told me that they would like to do nothing. That was their goal, to do nothing. I loved this idea and said I had to write a poem about it. When thinking about what to write, I included some of the ways that all of us try, in one way or another, to explain our need for space, time and freedom. The irony is that we don’t really need to explain anything. We just need to find a way to steer our own ship and at the same time, allow the water to help us be. With love, Sue 🙂

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