Politically Erect Poem

Politically Erect Poem By Sue Ellson

Politically Erect Poem

By Sue Ellson


Ladies and Gentlemen your attention please!
It is time to get off the couch where you sit with ease
I want you to stop being politically correct
And stand up, be counted, be politically erect!


A life well lived involves rights and responsibilities
Commitment to others with kind generosities
Character, endurance, resilience and respect
Stand up, be counted, be politically erect!


Let’s stop self-gratification, depression and anxiety
Be active, eat well and give back to society
Be careful who you choose to elect
Stand up, be counted, be politically erect!


Our politicians are here to represent us all
To enforce the greater good, not sell their soul
Encourage innovation, equality and effect
Stand up, be counted be politically erect!


Respect the law but challenge stereotypes
A life of purpose is worth the sacrifices
Resident or citizen, you are part of our edict
Stand up, be counted, be politically erect!


This poem was written because I, like many other people, am becoming a little bit tired of everything being ‘politically correct.’ I remember that in the past, our friends and family would have the courage to tell us when we needed to take some action to improve our lot rather than live in fear that they might upset us. I am certainly not encouraging us to go back to a time when there was shame, humiliation and discrimination, but I would like to see more people taking it upon themselves to stand up and be counted, to follow their true values, lead a life of purpose and be ‘politically erect’ (pardon the pun).

Photo is of flagpole near Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory.

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