Resilience Poem

Resilience Poem By Sue Ellson

Resilience Poem

By Sue Ellson


As each challenge appears
I can push past my fears
To resist the damage
To recover from ravage


The pain
The conflict
The strain
The relic


Of memory
Of time
Of wishing
Of mine


Surprised to be confronted
Alone in my past
Surprised to be confounded
Again in my cast


But just as the broken bone
Mends itself in time
I can release the plaster
And emerge just fine


The process starts
The process goes
The process ends
The process flows


In tune
So soon


When I rise
Ready to strive


Now resilient
Now competent
Now content


With what will be
With what I’ll see
And how I’ll be
In my story


A dear friend of mine is currently studying the topic of resilience and she gave me some words related to resilience, including ecologies (the ability to resist damage and recover quickly), process, surprise, approaches and dynamic. These were incorporated into the poem above. I hope that this poem resonates with you if you need a little extra resilience right now. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

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