Sleep Poem

Sleep Poem by Sue Ellson

Sleep Poem

By Sue Ellson

I sleep now and then
Because my body pleads
It needs a break from life
To get the rest it needs


I sleep now and then
When my mind finally stops
It often reaches capacity
And feels exhausted and cross


I sleep now and then
If I pause from my distractions
I have so many devices
Seeking more and more reactions


I sleep now and then
To escape my reality
My trials and tribulations
Sink in a sea of sanity


I sleep now and then
To restore my vitality
It needs some maintenance time
To operate with clarity


I sleep now and then
When I fall in a heap
I’ve made unrealistic promises
That I know I can’t keep


I sleep now and then
When my heart starts to fade
From chasing too many drums
Of disloyal choices I have made


I sleep now and then
After tears that suddenly fall
I’ve surrendered to what is
And stopped punching the brick wall


I sleep now and then
But what I need is some more
To truly be in this life
Sleep is the key to the door


Like a hug to yourself
Like a gift or reward
Sleep well more often
Be you in this world


I recently contacted Jennifer Jefferies ‘Jen the Naturopath’ as I have seen her inspirational and informative posts online and asked her about one of the most common issues she has with her patients at present and she said ‘sleep.’ As a naturopath, she can definitely recommend the health strategies, so reach out to her if you need those…
In this poem, I dug deep. Really examining how we make so many other things a priority in our lives and sleep is often something that is a lot further down the list than it could be. My own sleep is a little patchy as I tend to cram a lot into every day, so it really made me reflect on how important this great act of self-care is and of course the enormous benefits it provides. I hope it inspires you to put sleep in the top three of your life priorities…with love, Sue Ellson 🙂

Episode 127 – Setting your intentions for a great sleep

Photo is of a rotating mirror light box at Southbank Boulevard, Southbank, Melbourne, Victoria on Friday 20 January 2023.

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