Speed Of Love Poem

The Speed Of Love Poem By Sue Ellson

Speed of love

By Sue Ellson


The speed of love
From high above
Is designed to give you
A great big shove


Out of the mud
From where you are stuck
Out of the rut
That feels so yuck


A greater force
Cannot be found
For we all know
Love is all around


But do you know
Love’s real speed?
To heal, to soothe
Your every need?


Your mind can sleep
Your heart never does
So spend your time
In the speed of love


During another Theta Healing session with the amazing Jenner Miller from Theta Freedom yesterday, we talked about the universal nature of love and the ability of that love to work at speed.

Holding onto beliefs for many years can definitely keep us stuck in a rut and ensure our subconscious and conscious minds keep us in the same patterns of behaviour when they no longer serve us. I was invited in my session to change several beliefs and I found myself resisting those changes as they have been so ingrained and ‘part’ of me for so long.

If I choose to rely on my willpower and motivation to effect change, it will take a lot of effort. But if I invite love to help me, it will be much quicker – hence, the speed of love!

Photo is of the sky over Victoria, Australia on a flight from Melbourne to Adelaide on 15 January 2021.

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