Invisible Demon Poem

Invisible Demon Poem By Sue Ellson

Invisible Demon

By Sue Ellson


The invisible demon
Hides deep inside
Pushed out of sight
But in every stride


It lurks in thoughts
And hopes and dreams
Squashing them instantly
Like automatic machines


Unseen, unspoken
Not even known
Where did it come from
This heavy stone?


It could be recent
It could be long ago
Sometimes I wish
It would simply go


But if I have the courage
To dig a little deeper
I might find that demon
And send it back to its keeper


The process may be painful
But I will stand in good stead
With valour and bravery
It will leave my heart and my head


One day I might see
The invisible demon walk away
I hope to do it with love
Because that’s what I want to stay


I have a dear friend who is supporting a loved one through a difficult family crisis and the main protagonist is hurting several people. I have offered to pray for all of them, including the protagonist, who I suspect may have more than one invisible demon. I believe that all of us have a sense of unconscious scripts that run our lives and I certainly know that it takes courage to look at these unconscious drivers of behaviour to be able to live an authentic life. I hope this poem helps you muster the valour and bravery you may need for your own demons or to manage the demons of others. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

Photo is of the Esplanade in Brighton, Adelaide, South Australia on 17 January 2021.

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