Tennis Poem

Tennis Poem By Sue Ellson Australian Open Tennis Tournament 2019

Tennis Poem

By Sue Ellson


A serve
A stroke
A backhand
A volley
A score
A serve
An ace
By golly


The game of tennis
A racquet and ball
A net, a court
It’s ready for all


Singles or doubles
Take your pick
A competition like no other
Especially when mixed


Grip that handle
Slice for a spin
Be nice to that umpire
If you want to win


Love fifteen
Or thirty all
Deuce, advantage
Game, set or new ball


Back and forth
Swap ends again
Wipe that sweat
And check those strings
It won’t be over
Until someone wins


A game here and there
A tournament to enter
A grand slam to watch
What could be better?


Melbourne is currently gripped with tennis fever thanks to the Australian Open Tennis – so what better time to write a poem about tennis? With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

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