The Change Poem

The Change Poem By Sue Ellson Portulaca Flowers Blue Lotus Water Garden Yarra Junction Victoria

The Change Poem

By Sue Ellson


At this time of instability
My wish for you is strength and humility
For you and your friends so far and wide
Visible through technology but kept inside


As we fight the demons of futility
And conquer the fears of inactivity
As we watch the birds fly past outside
And ask to whom can we confide


Our darkest thoughts
Our biggest regrets
Our largest wounds
Our deepest laments


We search
We seek
We slowly reveal
Our actions
Our words
They speak to heal


If we sit alone
Or find a comforting ear
We have the chance
To face our fear


As we slowly remove
The mask of normality
We find beneath
Our own reality


Messy, mad
So very sad
For what is lost
And what we had


But change we must
As we stay in our coccoon
To emerge a butterfly
Beneath our moon


The dark night of the soul
Will surely pass
We will have wings to fly
And new paths to cross


So let’s join together
Our hearts and minds
Let’s share our gifts
Leave no-one behind


Our humanity is not lost
It can be found
Our humanity is still here
It is all around


Embrace the stillness
Embrace the change
Long live love
As we rearrange


It is Monday 13 April 2020 and I have now spent almost one month in isolation, including 17 days of not leaving the house at all. It has been an interesting experience. In the initial phase, I could not do anything but write and share information that I thought would be helpful to others and then I practically ‘burnt out’ with the extra effort that it takes to make conscious thought all day. On Day 8 of total isolation, I nearly ran outside in a mad fit!

Now that I am starting to settle into my new normal, I felt it was time to offer some practical insight, strength and comfort to others as I feel this is what I can offer to the world. At this time, I am reminded of the many people who are being tested and tried, who are showing courage and grace. At times like this, understanding and presence feels like one of the greatest gifts of all.

Today, I chose to write a poem to summarise how I see this moment in time as a way to gather my learnings and share some hope and wisdom.

As it says in the video below, you are welcome to read and share my publications at and download all four of my books at Please accept this as my gift to you.

Once again, I wish you strength and comfort.

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Photo is of portulaca flowers at Blue Lotus Water Garden Yarra Junction Victoria Australia on 27 January 2020

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