LinkedIn Hibernation Strategies

LinkedIn Hibernation Strategies

By Sue Ellson

What do you need to update on your LinkedIn Profile if you are in #hibernation?

1. Headline – Put the keywords in there that you want to be found for (not ‘seeking opportunities’ or ‘on hold’)

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2. Add another position in the Experience section starting now and give it the title ‘Career Research – Keyword, Keyword, Keyword etc’ if you would still like to be open to other roles whilst you are in hibernation, especially if they are in a different area to your regular job. Fill in the description box as well.

3. Update the rest of your LinkedIn Profile and fill in as many sections as you possibly can – the more complete, the more likely you are to appear in search results. Check out my Articles on LinkedIn to use the LinkedIn Profile Cheat Sheet.

4. Connect to as many people you already know as possible – workmates, stakeholders, customers, clients, school friends etc

5. Subscribe to Job Alerts so you can be first in, best dressed!

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Alternatively, if you would prefer to Hibernate your LinkedIn Account and not be visible online, you can follow the instructions here or you can turn off your public visibility here.

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