Top 20 LinkedIn Profile Edits SpotJobs Career Expo Melbourne

Top 20 LinkedIn Profile Edits SpotJobs Career Expo Melbourne

By Sue Ellson

Date: Saturday 27 August 2016 1:05pm – 1:25pm and Sunday 28 August 2016 11:30am – 12:00pm and 3:00pm – 3:30pm
Organisation: SpotJobs Career Expo
Venue: Seminar Room 2 Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre,
1 Convention Centre Place, South Wharf, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3004
Invitation from:
 Nicole Capper Bottazzi
Topic: “Top 20 LinkedIn Profile Edits”
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Top 20 LinkedIn Profile Edits

Top 20 LinkedIn Profile Edits
SpotJobs Career Expo
Sue Ellson
1:00pm Main Stage
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
27 August 2016

A great photo that matches your purpose
. can be edgy and unusual
. main focus your eyes
. smile with teeth showing

Primary keyword rich headline 120 characters
. focus on the keywords of your target audience
. most important words first
. if room, something memorable

Present and future focused Summary
. again, aligned with your purpose
. easy to read and understand
. includes your contact information

Change your Public Profile URL
. optimised for your name
. cannot go back to previous URL
. include on your business card, email signature etc

Keyword rich job titles
. present and past job titles
. title of job and then keywords related to future
. still make sense if read in isolation – never lie

Rich information in Experience section for each job
. description of organisation
. tasks and achievements
. – clickable on mobiles

Add in all subjects of your Educational Qualifications
. subject titles from your academic transcript
. can include non-university courses
. topics within subjects can also be mentioned

Select Skills and Endorsements from database list and sort
. future focused skills listed first
. keyword rich
. top 10 most important up to 50

Secure 6 or more Recommendations
. genuine recommendations, preferably senior people
. keyword rich content
. strategically give Recommendations

List your Professional Memberships in Certifications
. select the organisation from the list as you type
. include your membership number as your License Number
. include police check details, Working with Children etc

Include some bling
. include relevant videos – yours or ones you like
. include images/documents
. don’t overdo it and look like a ‘try hard’

Don’t include your date of birth or marital status
. it is part of your identity and can lead to fraud
. it could lead to discrimination
. it is irrelevant in relation to your ability to do a job

Describe your Voluntary Experience
. all roles in the Voluntary section in detail
. if relevant to your purpose in the Experience section as well
. no need to mention it was voluntary in the Experience section

List all Memberships in Organisations
. include all of your past memberships
. detail your roles
. include dates and hyperlinks

List English first in your Languages
. include your level of competency
. include other languages even if only
Elementary Proficiency in order of ability

Include details of Projects
. past behaviour indicator of future performance
. consistent detail format for each project
. keyword rich descriptions with details of challenges overcome

Include personal and professional Interests
. each one separated by a comma
. keyword focused
. also a bit of personality but not something contradictory

Complete Advice for Contacting
. again, include contact details
. use spaces around your email address to avoid spam robots
. future focus reminder

Follow Companies and join relevant Groups
. target industries, professions or organisations
. add value if posting in Groups
. Like, Comment, Share if viewed in detail

Write three Posts per year
. 300 words plus related to your expertise
. Informative, educational and/or entertaining
. Search engine optimised with markup, images, videos, call to action

Action Steps
120 Ways Publishing Stand 12 Next to Main Stage

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