Top 20 Freelancer Contractor Tips For SpotJobs Career Expo Melbourne

Top 20 Freelancer Contractor Tips For SpotJobs Career Expo Melbourne

By Sue Ellson

Date: Sunday 28 August 2016 1:00pm – 1:25pm
Organisation: SpotJobs Career Expo
Venue: Main Stage, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre,
1 Convention Centre Place, South Wharf, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3004
Invitation from:
 Nicole Capper Bottazzi
Topic: “Top 20 Freelancer Contractor Tips”
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Top 20 Freelancer / Contractor Tips
SpotJobs Career Expo
Sue Ellson
1:00pm Main Stage
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
28 August 2016

In the beginning, say Yes
. start through existing connections
. consider online platforms
. gain experience and build relationships

Identify the target audience for your products and services
. understand the type of people you like working with and who will pay you fairly
. find out where the target audience congregates
. connect and maintain your relationship with them

Clarify your points of difference
. what is different about the way you work?
. how flexible are you willing to be?
. are you willing to say no or refer on some gigs?

Find collaborators, complementers and co-operators
. collaborators who can assist you
. complementers who can add more value to your clients
. co-operators who can assist the people you attract that are not 100% aligned

Refine your products and services
. be willing to let go of non-performing products and services
. be willing to include more relevant products and services
. rely on instinct and results and ask questions

Understand that you may need to have some loss leaders
. some bigger opportunities require an upfront investment
. ensure that there is a fair exchange (even if no direct profit)
. main priority should still be what works (even if it is not your preference)

Build your referral business
. follow up with clients and customers
. build and develop the relationship
. ask for the sale and always say thank you

Develop your offline brand
. show up in the real world
. engage with influencers
. support your industry and profession

Develop your online brand
. quality website
. quality social media real estate
. consistent broadcasting and responsiveness

Develop your value
. regular education and training
. maintain your accountability
. improve your strategy and mindset

Share your value
. be willing to give back to your industry or profession
. be willing to mentor new entrants
. document your findings so they can be replicated

Be ready to expand
. consider direct referrals and outsourcing first
. start at a manageable level as supervision takes time
. prove what works first and expand that component first

Manage your risk
. understand what level of effort you can realistically maintain
. start new ideas on a trial basis first
. step outside of your comfort zone but not off a cliff

Accept responsibility for your choices
. it won’t be the end of the world – you have learnt something
. be solution focused not victim focused
. don’t hand over full responsibility to someone else – own your choices

Source reliable and independent professional advice
. look for possible conflicts of interest
. ensure that the priority is for your success not their profit
. test and measure before proceeding full speed

Measure, review and analyse your results
. what can you acknowledge as an achievement?
. what tweaks do you need to make?
. how will you implement your improvements?

Seek reliable feedback of your customers’ experience
. mystery shop or award applications
. identify trends from research in your industry or profession
. contact people who have ‘left’

Connect with like-minded people
. traditional employees will not understand the freelancer / contractor lifestyle
. reflect on the capital you have created and the freedom you enjoy
. it is a choice, not better or worse

Be willing to be firm
. take a stand but always be polite and respectful
. saying no can lead to a better yes
. explain your value don’t discount it

Your Network is your Net Worth
. there is no job security so be prepared
. be ready for market changes
. build up a cash reserve for quiet patches
. remember to work on your business and in your business

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